Shopping with Kids

Thursday 27 October 2011





Don't be fooled by these angelic faces. We were going to put them up for adoption, preferably at the London zoo after today's experience. Why the zoo, you ask? Because that's where wild animals are locked up. The 3 monkeys, I mean kids serenaded us with their tuneless songs at the top of their lungs while my darling goddaughter Baby P howled all the way down the motorway nearly causing my friend and I to lose our hearing. We went to Bicester, a high end outlet mall which boasts stores such as Prada, Gucci, Tods etc with 3 young kids. An hour into our "shopping" (I use the term lightly), N turned to me and said, "we must've been insane to think this was going to be an enjoyable experience". Four hours, 2 cafes, several toilet stops and copious amount of coffee later, the two weary moms staggered back to the carpark promising ourselves never to embark on another torturous expedition again. What did I get from Bicester? A spatula and teapot from Le Creuset which I could have easily purchased online.


  1. Awwwww...I could totally picture this and I've been there too many times!

  2. I could totally picture this as well - not least because I've been to Bicester and know how long the lines can be for coffee and refreshments. Hope you recover tonight!

  3. Aw, but they're so freaking cute!

  4. Wow, all i can say is that I don't even attempt to go shopping with my kids, not even to the grocery store. You and your friend are very very brave. You deserve a freaking medal :)

  5. They're really cute AND should have been left at home with dad. My parents always dragged us out with them, and they would have been better with getting a sitter and going to do their shopping. I hope you'll give H&M another chance, the designs this fall has been the best I've seen from them in years.

  6. These pics are so hilarious! I was watching a re-run of The Cosby Show the other night. And Bill Cosby decided to take his youngest and 3 of her friends to a ritzy restaurant for lunch. Trying to expose them to the better things in life and at the end all they wanted was hamburgers from this circus place! LOL Kids are hilarious. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend classy lady! :D

  7. so funny! that are just so cute!

  8. I've been tempted to go to Bicester each time I was in London. But I've never made it there cuz time was always so short. Is it worth popping by in your view (on the assumption there's no rowdy kids as companion that is. Kekeke).

  9. Oh boy, too cute!!! S in NY

  10. They are so cute...and would make a great attraction at the London Zoo
    great post
    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

  11. oh my ! what a day! i cant imagine myself going shopping with my kids later when i grow up
    but those photos are beautiful indeed

    style frontier

  12. lauraloo, know my pain.

    Kat, don't mention about about the queue outside Carluccio's. It was waaaay long!

    skippysays, you said it! Now, I'm shipping them off to you via FedEx priority.

    Sharon, we weren't brave. We were STUPID! Needless to say, we won't be doing this again. EVER.

    Bessie, it's not so easy to hire a sitter over the school holidays. I'll have to go online to check out H&M. I'm not brave enough to deal with the crowds.

    Kim, ah yes. I kid you not. Sometimes Lil L begs to go to McD only to get the free giveaways. The food gets chucked!!

    amy, you can have the kids after Skippysays :P Let's just say, there weren't the quietest kids at the bistro. BY FAR!

    chicology, (assuming you don't have your little shadows with you), yes! Do go. There are bargains to be had particularly if you can VAT refund. The discounts are particularly good during sale seasons.

    t, thank you!

    S, you want me to send the kids to you too? :P

    Dolls Factory, In fact, it's a great way for them to earn their own pocket money. They can mime and do all the crazy energetic antics and get a golden coin for their efforts. It'll help pay for their college education.

    fhenny, so sweet of you to say so. Glad you like the photos. Well, if you're looking for ways to torture yourself, yup, bring the kids. LOL. It's a great lesson to learn so that you'll know what to do when you're ready to have your own little ones.

  13. Stunning pics! I don't know how anyone with kids makes it out of the house.



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