A Date with my Daughter

Monday 31 October 2011
Lil L had to amuse herself during the half term break which she has it down to a fine art being an only child while mommy has to work. She has many friends who live within a mere 5-10 minute walk from our place so the moms took turns to organize playdates so each of us could have a couple hours respite to get a few things done without any distractions.

I promised Lil L a trip to London for a mommy and daughter date on Saturday. We got up early, changed into our slightly more dressy "London attire" and (as usual) managed to hop on the train just in time before it left the platform. Lil L and I plastered our faces to the windows to see the rolling hills, autumn leaves, villages and livestock as the train sped past. I often wonder why my English friends would speak about the scenery in New Zealand with such reverence when the countryside in their own backyard looks just as beautiful. Perhaps it's the case of the grass being greener on the other side. Pun intended.

After a quick spot of shopping for Lil L's tights and winter coat, we headed straight for Aubaine, my favorite cafe at Chelsea. While we munched on our lunch, Lil L and I chatted and people watched. I've seen my fair share of stunning bags with their equally gorgeous owners at the cafe. Once I was so awestruck at the sight of a crocodile Kelly, I nearly walked into their glass display.


Delicious freshly baked bread with French butter.


Pumpkin soup with truffle oil and parmesan cheese


Eggs Florentine. The poached eggs, delicate hollandaise sauce and blanched spinach were delicious but the thick bread slice was a little out of the ordinary. In fact, I thought it was a little stale which was surprisingly considering I've had this dish many times.

We took a short stroll to the Natural History Museum. On the way, we saw the famous Hummingbird bakery has a long queue but I'm all cupcaked out. The thick and saccharine frosting has put me off cupcakes for a while now.


Imposing Georgian terraced houses, a few belonged to the French Embassy

The Natural History Museum is housed in Waterhouse building designed in German Romanesque style by a young architect called Alfred Waterhouse. There are elaborate sculptures of animals both on the interior and exterior of the building, purportedly to represent the biological diversity. I could only gasp in wonder at the intricate design of the building. What's incredible is that the museum houses more than 1 million exhibits from fossils to dinosaurs to almost every animal that has ever lived on this planet.



nsm4 autumn leaves
Autumn is a beautiful time of the year with the changing colors of the leaves.

Wolves and lions perched on the rooftop.

The striking entrance was an inspiration Alfred Waterhouse drew from the basalt columns at Fingal's cave in western Scotland.

Seeing that there are too many photos to count, I decided to split it into two posts instead. Next up, what's inside the Natural History Museum and Chinatown tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a fun day!!
    S in NY
    (ps Hi Laura!)

  2. It's lovely that you and L got to hang out together. These are the things she'll remember when she grows up: fun days out with Mummy! I-Ping

  3. Love all the pictures!

    Aubaine is definitely one of those places to sit and do "people watch".

    Look forward to your next posts.

  4. Great pics, I can't wait to go to London, we're back down in December.

    Oh the English Homes book would be right up your street!

  5. Such lovely pics. Wish I could spend Autumn in London!! I need a bowl of that soup, pronto.
    Waving Hi to S in NY!

  6. :) praying for little L's photo in the next post :) one of her cute smile and another of her London attire, pretty please :p

  7. how fun for a date! that food looks amazing!

  8. What a great date! I'm sure Lil L loved your attention! And those are wonderful pics! Can't wait to see Chinatown!

    Happy Halloween! :o)

  9. S, Lil L was beyond happy on Saturday.

    I-Ping, you're absolutely right. I hope she'll remember the fun dates with mom when she's a teenager and no longer wants to be seen with her parents.

    Mona, the food's surprisingly good and the service is always excellent whether I'm on my own or with friends.

    Bourbon & Paris, I'll definitely have to check out the book. I never forget my first Christmas in London. Absolutely magical place to be at that time of theyear.

    Lauraloo, it's even more stunning in the countryside.

    Heather, a photo of Lil L coming up!

    Amy, the food's pretty good and their dessert tray is incredible.

    Sam, Happy Halloween to you too! We had a fab time. Looking forward to more outings with the little one.

  10. The architecture is BREATHTAKING! Sorry I'm late in commenting (tooth problems). I love it! The food at Aubaine looks SO DELISH! I love freshly baked bread. I could eat it all day! HAHAHA :D

  11. Kim, bread is my downfall. It all goes straight to my waistline!

    Yara, thank you!



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