Summer Fare

Monday 26 September 2011
Perhaps I'm holding on to the last vestiges of summer and remembering my wonderful week long break in Paris. We had a rather cold summer this year. What a disappointment. Apparently, the weather will hit the mid 20s (celcius) this week so perhaps, we might get to enjoy a bit more sunshine after all.

Lately, I've been having cravings (no, I'm not pregnant, just in case you're wondering) for omelette. This simple dish can be easily found at bistros and cafes in Paris, often served with a side salad and cut up slices of baguette. It's light but the protein fills one up without leaving you bloated. I've paid up to 10€ for this simple meal which is so darn easy to make and costs next to nothing. I don't like lots of filling in mine. I normally just toss in a handful of grated Emmental cheese while the omelette (you'll need 3 eggs in a 20cm or smaller sized frying pan) is cooked under low heat.

I like to serve it with a leafy salad and crunchy sun ripened cherry tomatoes, tossed in extra virgin olive oil and a dash of aged modena balsamic vinegar. The cost of this meal? £1.30. Cheaper than chips!

Omelette with Emmental cheese filling served with a leafy salad, crunchy sun ripened cherry tomatoes and a glass of beetroot/celery/apple/carrot juice.

When Lil L was born, life was incredibly hectic. I felt like a juggler trying to keep everything up in the air. I stopped looking after myself. I'd make something nutritious for Lil L and hubby but I'd snack or eat junk food on the go. Given my family history of hypertension, it was a matter of time before I too succumb to the same problem. After taking hypertension meds for the last couple of years, I've decided to attack the problem head on. Get back into proper exercise routine, cut down on my salt intake and drink plenty of home-made fruit and vegetable juice. I caved in and bought Matstone, a super duper juicer which also minces meat, makes Korean rice cakes (I'm addicted to these), jam and a million other things with all the different attachments that came with it after reading glowing reviews about it. Celery and beetroot are known for lowering blood pressure. I've tried juicing beets with celery, green apples and carrots and the result was absolutely delicious. Furthermore, I've noticed that if I drink at least a glass a day, my skin looks radiant. Not a bad side effect, eh?


  1. Hi, the last time I heard a friend of mine say that she was craving, turned out that she was pregnant (just saying :)- I love making omelettes for dinner, it's easy, fills you up and very nutritious (if you don't serve it with pounds of bacon). I've actually thought of juicing as I could do with a lot more fruits and veggies. We have one but it's been collecting dust for over 10 years. Maybe I should take it out. I like the side effect of radiant skin. Thanks for the post :)

  2. I rarely order omelets for breakfast when I eat out...because I always want the pancakes! I need to drink more water or natural juices or something, my skin could improve!

  3. What a lovely picture! Can't sleep (and it's 1am) but now I'm craving an omelet! Yum!

  4. Way to go, girl!! ^O^ I am glad you can change your life style sooner for your personal benefit and for your family! Of course your skin will be radiant with such healthy eating habit!!
    Keep it up!>
    xo Rachel

  5. Eggs are perfect in every meal! I actually had an omelet last night :)

    Beetroot juice is sooo good for the health!

  6. Mmmmmm, I think this will be lunch for me once I get home. During the summer, I found eggs too heavy, but with the chill in the morning air today, they sound perfect.

  7. Yum!!! I also just bought a juicer and we use it every afternoon! All of the live enzymes do wonders for your health and skin! Try adding kale or beet greens, too! I also love to add a tiny slice of fresh ginger to mine.
    I think I'm going to make an omelette for lunch today.

  8. That omelet looks awesome! I love veggie omelets. I bought a Breville juicer 2 years ago and it is so worth the price. It truly makes you feel good and you know when you've been off of it. You just don't have that kick! Awesome post! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  9. Don't scare me, Sharon!!! One's plenty, thank you! Keep it up for a few days and you'll truly see the difference.

    Bessie, you and me both. I tend to drink too much coffee and tea.

    Anon, at least I got you to crave for protein rather than carbs :P

    Rachel, thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, the next step is get the exercise going again.

    Lily, great minds think alike :)

    AA, it's the perfect meal when I want something fast, easy and nutritious.

    Lauraloo, hmmm...never thought of adding greens. Yes, I'll definitely try the ginger.

    Sassyuptownchic, you're so right. At least I'm gulping down more fruit and veggies these days.

  10. Korean rice cakes sounds nice..any pics to it? :)

    Everytime I look at the food you prepare, I have an impulsion to plonk myself on your dining chair and be your guest! :)

  11. Thank you for dropping by, Mary Ann. Yes, it is and pretty healthy too :)



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