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Friday 16 September 2011
E, a close friend of mine and Lil Bro's is back in Auckland for a few weeks revelling in the attention from friends and family and literally being spoilt rotten. To make me jealous, she'd sent photos of the rugby mania that's happening in back home at the moment. The rugby World Cup is held in Auckland this time and all the fans are out in full force. Let's hope that while she's dizzy with all the love she's getting, E won't forget my precious packages my family has asked her to bring back for me. Here are some of the photos from the Viaduct which was initially built for the America's Cup. It's also where all the super yachts (think Larry Ellison and Paul Allen) moor while the big guns are in town.

Lil L's Mandarin tutor has been with us for 3 years and is a real sweetheart. She loves to garden and often haul bags of fruit and veggies each time she reaps a sizeable crop. We've been getting fresh organic runner beans which Lil L tries to snitch from the fridge every few minutes. She also gave us a huge bag of apples which I'm planning to run them through my juicer and a beautiful bunch of flowers. I'm thrilled beyond words because I can't plant anything to save my life. I managed to kill a cactus and orchid, both of which are apparently difficult to kill.........




  1. Yum - I love homegrown produce. Of course, I kill everything, too. Plants are generally stationary things but I swear I hear them screaming "Run for your life!" every time I go out in my yard!!

  2. I've killed many orchids in my day, so you're definitely not alone! I just try to tell myself that I bought cheap grocery store ones, so obviously they weren't as hardy as "real" orchids and THAT'S why they all died.

  3. Lauraloo & The Blonde, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Both of you cracked me up! LOLOL! I've purchased hundreds of those living herbs in pots and all of them barely last 48 hours.

  4. i envy those who are able to yield something from the ground. I am AWFUL with plants. if it doesn't make a sound telling me it's thirsty or hungry, God speed.

    But that doesn't stop me from trying though. I have grand plans for next spring, when the house belongs to me and me alone! (well, and my kid)

  5. bagfashionista, at least you're good at handiwork. The first and last Ikea furniture, a chest of drawers that I so proudly put together fell apart after a month.

    All the best and hope everything goes well with the house. *hugs*

  6. I'd love to visit Australia and NZ someday! The pictures are just always so gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Enjoy your weekend and I am looking forward to your next post! I posted the DIY mirror image bow, hope you'll try it!

  7. Bravoe Runway, thank you for dropping by and the lovely compliment! I highly recommend visiting Australia and NZ but then again, I'm biased :)



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