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Thursday 15 September 2011
I won't bore you by continually extolling the virtues of a pair of Isabel Marant Dicker boots. After seeing photos after photos of these incredible taupe suede ankle boots, I'm dying to get something similar. I've always been rather traditional in my views when it comes to boots. I've only ever bought them in black. How boring. How safe. Colors like nude and taupe help to elongate your legs and give a nice contrast to your outfit as long as you're not wearing black tights.

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I'm still not all that crazy about tottering on a pair of high heels so anything under 2.5 inches gets my vote. I'm not a fan of pain. In fact, during my ante-natal class, the midwife asked the group if any of us would go for epidural. Hell, yeah! My friend and I immediately raised our hands without any hesitation while the rest tittered about the effect it would have on the baby. Are you kidding me?! You would turn down painkiller?!  Ironically, we were the only two who didn't end up without an epidural thanks to a comedy of mistakes. So no, I won't suffer for beauty because it shows on my face. I've had strangers crossed the road to avoid me when I stomped down the street snarling.

1. Isabel Marant Dicker Boots £365
2. Ash Jessbis Vinage Leather Ankle Boots £155
3. DV by Dolce Vita Jamison Suede Boots £105
4. Ash Nina Grey Suede Western Style Ankle Boots £179


  1. Kate Bosworth looks SO GOOD in that photo with the dress and Dickers - ahhh it makes me want a lighter colored pair!

  2. Kat, Kate Bosworth is a stunner. However, I must say that a pair of lighter colored boots really work well in summer and spring. I look a little stunted when I try wearing my black boots with a dress.

  3. Big fan of the booties! I got mine last winter from Mango, in black, ever so comfy and cute!

    I have a high pain resistance, I usually ignore pain. I peed a kidney stone and I thought it was a back pain from my office chair (usually ppl throw up and faint from kidney pain). I must have a million hospital stories about my pain resistance and general awe from nurses and doctors. Freak of nature I guess.

  4. Hi, I"m so glad that you did this post. I am looking for the perfect transition bootie for fall, and my search is kind of grim at the moment. I don't even know if you could get Isabel Marant in Canada (dammit!) but they are gorgeous, i can understand your lust for them. Your epidural story made me laugh, my first child was born sans epidural (I screamed for drugs but they kept telling me 'your 10 centimetres dilated, you gotta push now), and my second I had the option but felt guilty as I didn't have one for the first one so i said no. The crazy things we do for our kids, huh? Thanks so much for the post :)

  5. You ladies have such high threshold for pain!! *salute*'s not about the pain here right? I couldn't help it when I read the word "Happy-dural".

    Back to the boots. I just can't find a pair of nice low heel ankle boots. Argh.

  6. I don't own a single pair of ankle boots... I'm so afraid they're going to make me look short and dumpy. I think I'm going to try "booties" (which sit lower on the ankle and really look more like pumps) first, and if those work out I'll take the plunge with a real ankle boot.

  7. Lily, my jaw hit the ground when I read about your kidney stone account. Goodness me! I guess you'll never need any painkillers for the rest of your life!

    Sharon, I know a lot of online stores ship to Canada but I think they're sold out everywhere. I can't believe you felt guilty!!! I'd be like, hell yeah! Pump me up!

    chicology, LOL! No, I was ready to scream abuse at the doctor who delivered Lil L. I've got a few more in my next post about ankle boots but those are darker colored ones.

    The Blonde, I think the right pair will lengthen your legs. It's frustrating though going through God knows how many before you find a suitable pair.

  8. #4 is a great pick! I love this look but can't pull it off.

    Thank you for the sweet blog visit.

  9. Likewise, thank you for dropping by, Jenna Lee.



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