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Thursday 8 September 2011
repetto collection

Ever since the beginning of the year, I've taken great pride in maintaining a minimalist approach so as to not clutter my closet. Ahem. Until I tally up the number of flats that I'd picked up over 2 years. I counted 10 pairs of flats, most of them being ballet flats. Literally the same type of shoes but in different colors. It seemed yesterday that I culled my wardrobe to a more manageable size. According to Daily Mail (yes, I read the garbage), an average woman owns 35 pairs of shoes in her wardrobe. That certainly helps to assuage the guilt somewhat (otherwise known as rationalization) since my shoe collection is light years away from the national average.

The thing is I've made up THE perfect excuse for owning expensive shoes. I've got tiny feet which is both a curse and a blessing. A curse because in a land full of mighty Anglo-Saxon giants, no store stocks size 34 shoes. Online stores are wonderful but there's nothing like trying them on and walking around a bit to see if they're comfortable. As for the blessing which occurs once in a blue moon when there's a sale, say in Hong Kong, the rack that holds size 34 and 35 shoes are completely devoid of rampaging lunatics (I include myself here).

flats collection

I don't know anyone who prefers to pay retail when they can save a bundle by getting a discount. I managed to purchase all the Repetto flats with the exception of my newest acquisition (taupe) on eBay for 1/3 of the retail price. As you can see, my glittery navy flats have been worn to death. They're 4 years old and still going strong. Not bad for the 55€ price tag. I saw these brand new pair of Tod's mocs at a charity shop for £35. My favorite embellished Giuseppe Zanotti sandals were 80% at the crazy On Pedder sale in Hong Kong. I've yet to find another pair in my size or as cheap as these. Boohoo! I should've bought two pairs! The rest came from a hodge podge of online and consignment stores during the sale. While the flats collection is overflowing, I do not have a pair of comfortable heels. I've promised myself two pairs - nude and black. That's all I need, right? What do you think.

On to something completely unrelated.  The new school year has just started and this has brought along a set of issues to tackle. I'm often mindful of the politics between Little L's relationships with her friends and of course, what's a school without its bullies. Thankfully, her school is pretty good at nipping behavioral issues at the bud most of the time but nevertheless, there are always instances where a few incidents slipped through the net. Last year, much to Little L's embarrassment, I made her do a couple of role plays to deal with this problem. It worked like a charm and the bully never bothered her ever since. It also gave her confidence to deal with other headstrong characters.

Unlike the previous year, she was more chatty about her day at school. One of her buddies in class has a habit of saying "you're not my friend. Go away!" whenever the mood strikes her. I guess each and everyone have had that happened to us. The devastation. The hurt. So again, we did the role play thing. That was a few months back. Today, I asked her how it was going. My girl said, "mom, whenever AA says those terrible words, I take a piece of paper, draw a big heart and give it to her. And then I say, you're my love. It always makes her smile and go awww." Who says adults can't learn from 5 year olds. Don't get mad, be kind.


  1. I love see this part of your closet! It's amazing how streamlined and varied the selection is. If there's one part of my wardrobe I'm least happy with--it's shoes. I have a number of pairs (older, but not used much) that I should sell or give away; then I need to find about four high-quality pairs. Nude summer wedge, black dress wedge to space the seasons, black heeled ankle boot, and a good penny loafer. I have the ankle boot coming--I *hope*--that will fill one hole. Found on sale! I'm thinking that maybe I should try to get one of these every quarter--then by next fall, I'll be good.

  2. love the looks of Repetto but when I tried them the filled me with 100 insecurities. They are too thin, they will be destroyed in no time etc. I guess having many many pairs is a good idea so you can circulate them and keep then somewhat new. I'm more of 1 pair at a time gal and this pair wouldn't last me 1 week... 1/3 of the price is amazing! And wow on the Giuseppe Zanotti that was a great sale!

    Aaw you little girl has such a kind big heart! I was a tiny person in school, the second shortest in my class and of course bullies thought I was an easy target. I hit back hard and quick and was never bullied again. I'm guessing little L's bullies are not the kind that corner you and you get a black eye, the bully is prob a bratty little girl, so I don't think she needs to fight back. However martial arts could come in handy, and build up L's confidence.

  3. Love, love, love flats! Such a perfect collection! Your story about L is just precious and such a great lesson!

  4. I can't talk about the shoes until I talk about how sweet L is! When I was 5 and my friends were sassy to me I would curl up in a ball and cry... not L! What a sweet, confident young lady! You've definitely raised her right.

    Now, aabout the shoes. I LOVE your flats collection! Even though I'm a former dancer, I've actually never tried Repetto flats. How comfortable are they? Do they have enough support to walk around in all day? I generally prefer flats with a fairly thick sole so that my arch doesn't get tired and my hells don't get sore.

  5. AA, you've read my mind. In fact, i've been thinking along the same lines. A pair of nude wedges is a must. Ankle boots too. I've bought and sold/gave away a few that didn't fit well. Like you, I've got one coming so fingers crossed, the quality and fit will be ok.

    Lily, yes the soles are fairly thin. I've walked up to 12 hours a day and I'm usually find but not everyday for the same length of time. I used to own just one pair.... Having done martial arts for 14 years, I'm really keen for L to learn but I'm working on her. Thank you for your kind compliment. I hope she will have the same confidence once she reaches high school. I was a very timid and introverted child and was picked on literally everyday for nearly 10 years.

    Lauraloo, awww..thank you!

    Mary Lane. You're a sweetheart. Thank you! Your words are music to a mom's ears. I've worn Repetto for 6 years now. Not a single complaint although I do resole them every year. I've heard that AGL is fantastic too.

  6. Bravo L , so proud of you !!! :O
    What a kind BIG heart for a 5 year old !!
    Li ,you've done well . Love you both * HUGS *

  7. Love your flats, what a great collection! xo

  8. what a lovely lesson to teach your daughter! i have an almost 4 yr old that has unfortunately been in similar situations (who knew preschools could have cliques?!)--i'm going to have to try out the role playing!

    on the shoe front, i need to follow your lessons there too and streamline my closet! however, if you are still hunting for some cute yet reasonably priced *and small sized* flats, i totally recommend crewcuts (jcrew's pint sized line)! i happen to have huge footsies, but my petite friend wears a ladies (US)4.5 and has a lot of trouble finding her size--we discovered crewcuts shoe selection when shopping for our children--their flats are basically shrunken down versions of the women's selection! cheaper too! i think jcrew ships overseas now...might be worth a look!

  9. Thanks, Mi!

    Black is the new Black, thank you! I think it's high time I focus on my lack of heels.

    Anon, thank you! One of my best friends with older kids gave me this piece of advice many years ago. I believe this is the start to many difficult friendships particularly with girls who tend to be more cliquey.

    Thank you for your advice. I'm going to check out J crew. I love their clothes. It's great that they finally decided to start shipping to the UK.

  10. It seems like Little L is wise beyond her years! That's a good mantra!

    I love seeing your collection of shoes! My repetto flats are so comfortable - they are my favorite! It's true that it's hard to order online and hope for the best! I'm glad you've found what works well for you (and the good deals)!

    And I think a pair of black and nude heels would be perfect!

  11. Sam, Little L is a sweetheart - for now. Talk to me in a few years time. I might have a different story to tell :P

    I've banned myself from buying anymore ballet flats including Repettos. Got to find a pair of nude AND black heels. I'm still searching for a pair of comfy wedges.

  12. Are Repettos good for ppl with broad feet? My feet are broad (but I love to squeeze them into pointed pumps, but that's another story to be told another time), and so far I've only bought French Soles flats. They start from size 35 and they run a bit small, at least that's what my size 34.5 friend told me. I am a 37-38 girl, so I don't have problems with shoes, only with my broad feet.

    Sad to sad, Repettos are rather expensive in SG, they can easily cost SGD300 - SGD400+ per pair here!

  13. Repettos tend to mold to the shape of your feet provided you don't get the patent leather ones. They're pricey as you've mentioned.

  14. I actually took some photos of my ballet flats collection today after receiving a new Zara pair in the post and came on here to have a nosey at your collection but that has been overshadowed by Little L's heart melted!!! All I can say is that I hope I'm lucky enough to have a daughter like her one day! x

    1. That's such a lovely thing to say. She's 6 going on 16 at times so we have our moments :P



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