Filling the gap in my shoe collection

Friday 9 September 2011
As you can see in my previous post,  thanks to my burgeoning flats collection, I'm not going to run out of extras. Not for years. The thing is when I'm on a hunt for something, I develop a rather unhealthy obsession which also has a tendency to last for a while. Hence, 10 pairs of flats. Meanwhile, I have no comfortable heels nor wedges. I also need a pair of low heeled ankle boots rather desperately. That's another post altogether as the hunt continues.

After doing some serious soul searching *ahem* about shoes,  I've come to the conclusion that
1) comfort is paramount. Limping in pain makes me nasty. I've been known to snarl at strangers.

2) unless I resort to that crazy leg lengthening procedure which can only be found in China, my only option to create the illusion of longer legs is to wear a pair of nude colored shoes.

3) a touch of platform to help me learn how to walk in heels again

4) something in black for more dressy events.

5) shoes that fit well without resorting to insole padding. I'm sick of trying a variety of half or full insoles just to be able to fit into a larger size because I can't find anything in my size.

6) I will have to end my unrequited love for Christian Louboutin as his shoes just don't love me back. Yes, it's rather gut-wrenching. "Never underestimate a woman and her love affair with shoes" - as told to me by a male SA at the Christian Louboutin boutique, St Germain des Pres while observing 5 rabid customers hoarding shoes at the store.

7) Heels no higher than 2.5 inches as I'd rather not twist my ankle or fall flat on my face. One must maintain composure at all times.

I've come up with this lovely list but the problem is they're either out of stock or my size is unavailable. I may have to resort to eBay to find these beauties or perhaps beg one of my American friends to ship them over to me. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to heels, having worn flats solidly for 5 years now. I'd like your opinion as to what's good, comfy and the best places to purchase them. So fire away! I'm keen to hear ANY tips!

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  1. Hi, I am just like you. I cannot wear thin heels as I have flat feet and clumsy as hell. Finding shoes that are comfy and look great is such a challenge for us huh? I am right now breaking into my salvatore ferragamo chunky heeled shoes (am recovering from blisters right now) but am completely loving your pics, especially the Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and the Stuart Wiseman leopard print wedges. The wedge is our friend, while the stiletto is our enemy :(

  2. I'm a fan of the wedge, as long as it is not the unsightly flatform (google it)...

    I love nude shoes for the same reason as you. I have long legs but all legs look more beautiful in a bit on heel & nude... I found my perfect pair in a small neighborhood boutique near my home that has no brand name Italian shoes. They are comfy and the color is the perfect nude for my skin tone. They are almond tow and patent leather, with a med heel (3 1/2 inch).

    CLs are sexy but they hurt... It is a love hate relationship really.

    I love the peep toe wedges in the middle of your selection.

    BTW have you looked at Geox? I will be buying boots from them this year they are very comfy.

  3. CL has kitten heels too, don't they? my friend bought a pair and they are darling! (about 2" high?) they reminded me of what Audrey Hepburn would wear

  4. How about the lower heeled YSL tributes? I know they make smaller sizes, too!

  5. I bought a lovely pair of nude Louboutin "Wallis" Mary Janes. They have a highish heel but their round toe and strap make the shoe super wearable. Plus, the patent caramel color is nothing short of amazing!!

    If I can help you with any search in the US let me know. Check out Nordstrom which has a lot of extended sizes. They ship internationally too!
    S in NY

  6. I love wedges. Easier to walk and run in it. I used to wear a lot of heels when I was still working in Malaysia. But now here in Perth, as a fulltime mother I tend to stick to flattie. Lately I'm training myself to go back on heels. I start with wedges first and maybe I can do the heels again one day.


  7. Stuart Weitzman has always been comfy for me. It's also not as narrow as CLs. For someone who's been wearing flats, I would say SW shoes with peeptoes would be a good start. :)

  8. I love the guiseppe Zanotti shoes!!!!

  9. All excellent choices! I hope you eventually find them all in your size!

  10. Ladies, thank you so much for your wonderful suggestions. I'm going to follow through with your tips. Can't wait to do so!

  11. I really like the Stuart Weitzman roller heels. They look comfy because of the shorter heel and the small platform in front. (And they're nude which is very flattering) I have a pair of higher heeled Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals and they are comfy.

    When I started my "search for comfy heels", I ended up getting a pair of Chie Mihara heels. She is based out of Spain. They have been very comfy heels that I can wear to run around in at work. Most of her shoes have a wider heel so they are sturdier. They have a "certain look" to them but I am a big fan! And they have smaller sizes but I'm not sure about the conversion!

    Hope that helps!
    xo, sam

  12. Thank you for your suggestion, Sam. I'll check out Chie Mihara. I'd love to get a pair of SW Roller heels if only they have my size.



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