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Tuesday 19 April 2011
In a recent survey by Easyjet, an overwhelming 36% voted London as their favorite weekend getaway with Paris lagging behind as number 2 at 19%. After spending the week in London with my brother and his family pretending to be a tourist complete with a camera looped around my neck, I could clearly see why many picked London. I was astounded by the magnificent architecture at every corner. The British are amazing at preserving their heritage. 

The last week sped past with days packed with activities from morning till late at night. The entire Kiwi contingent in London graciously allocated their entire weekend to catch up with my family. We were stuffed to the gills with food, starting with a birthday dinner at Peninsula restaurant hosted by the birthday followed by a massive Indian feast at Lahore Palace and ending at a high note at the exquisite Atheneum Hotel in Mayfair. Thank goodness we'll be doing quite a bit of walking as I could see Little Brother's waistline expanding as I typed this.

london - tower yeoman

Yeoman Warders or otherwise known by their nickname, Beefeaters. There are 12 in total and are a tourist attraction in their own right as well as acting as tour guide.

london - tower raven

The wings of these Ravens  are clipped by a Ravenmaster to prevent them from straying too far from the tower. God forbid should one accidentally fly off as abiding the ancient myth is extremely important to the history of the Tower of London. It is believed that the White Tower will crumble and great disaster will befall London if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London.

london - tower soldier

london - tower henry armour

Check out his ahem rather large groin cup. I guess he must be rather well endowed. After all, he managed to acquire 6 wives and an impressive 52" girth.

london - tower character2
london - tower character

london bridge

The Tower of London which carries 40 000 vehicles everyday. I've driven past a few times and due to the amount of traffic and speed restriction of 20 miles per hour, it would've been faster if I just walked across.

london eye2
The view of London eye from St James Park

london st james squirrel
St James Park is a beautiful park where squirrels, amongst the ducks, pelicans and swans frolicked on the ground foraging for food. The park covers 58 acres in one of the most expensive real estate in the world, Westminster.

london - buckingham tulips

Tulips in full bloom right outside the Buckingham Palace gates.

london - buckingham2

Buckingham Palace

london - buckingham soldier

london - aubaine tart2

Devouring the delicious raspberry tart at Aubaine in Chelsea. The two kids wolfed these down without leaving a morsel for their long suffering parents.

london - lahore palace
Our feast at Lahore Palace.

big ben light

Big Ben

big ben3

Beautiful carving on the lamp post with Big Ben in the background.

big ben1


  1. Good to know that that you guys are thoroughly enjoying yourselves !!!
    Lucky L and Z :-)
    As always great photos the kids too ,miss their chattering .
    wow ,the raspberry tart sure looks yummy !!!

  2. Stunning photos! Glad you've had a great time with family and friends. :)

  3. London is've got great photos here!

  4. I can't wait to go! Your photos are exquisite as usual!

  5. Mi, I'll put up the photos of the kids soon. Boy, can the two talk - non stop! It's great that they can keep each other company and love spending time with each other. At least they leave the grown ups alone.

    q9y8, thank you! It's definitely great spending the vacation with my brother and his family.

    Kristina, thank you! I'm glad you like the photos. There's more to come when I've got a moment.

    lauraloo, I'm waiting for you to hop over this side of the Atlantic!

  6. I miss London so much! I was there all summer and will be heading back soon :)

    I love your photos btw - ! Sending you an email about cameras :)

  7. Katherine, do drop me a line or two before coming. I'd love to catch up over a cup of coffee. Looking forward to your email.

  8. Ah, makes me want to go back to London again!

  9. DA, I think you're due for another visit soon ;P

  10. Haha! Just bought my ticket ... yay! I'll send you an e-mail. =)



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