Going Tribal

Sunday 17 April 2011
I have an affinity for anything tribal. In fact 10 years ago, I promised my newly wedded husband that I'd take him on an adventure he'll never forget. You bet he didn't forget. I was on a quest to find and learn more about the many minority Miao groups in China. I dragged him into the mountains of Guizhou to find the elusive Long Horned Miao. I later brought back a traditional costume which had taken a family years to complete. The exquisitely made top featured unique batik prints unique to the minority group. The basic guesthouse there which was specifically built for tourists seemed like a 5 star hotel next to our subsequent accommodation at the Xijiang village of the Flower Miao tribe where the family pig slept next door and grunted all night.


 Long Horned Miao, Guizhou province

I've never had a head for calculus unlike my 3 siblings who excelled in the science field. However, I've come up with my own mathematical equation. Tribal print + anything French = perfection.


Outfit: Isabel Marant Jeweled Flana jacket, Petit Bateau tank top, Uniqlo jeans and Repetto flats



Outfit: Zadig & Voltaire dress, Petit Bateau tank top, Jigsaw trilby and Tod's sandals



  1. Yup, your 3 siblings have problems dressing themselves.... okay, granted the boys are a LOT worse.... :-) Love the Z&G dress!

  2. GORGEOUS JACKET!!!! *drools*

  3. What?!!!?? The JACKET!!! Amazing! I'm also in love with the Z&V dress.

  4. Chin, no contest there. I sent Steve off shopping with Young.

    Thanks, Heather! I have no idea where I can wear it to but hey, it's great to look at.

    lauraloo, it was love on first sight when I found it hanging on the rack a few days ago. The same goes for the Z&V dress.

  5. Flana jacket has been on my wish list since a long time. Sadly, impossible to find anywhere:(

  6. onlycoolcats, I agree they are hard to find. I guess most people tend to hold on to their IM clothes.



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