Statement Neckline and Flats

Monday 11 April 2011
I've always been drawn to necklaces and beautifully designed statement necklines. I conclude it's because I'm allergic to earrings. All sorts of earrings. I've tried them all. Platinum, yellow gold, white gold, silver etc. Alas, nothing worked. Each time,  I ended up with swollen and weepy earlobes.

After reading an inspiring blog, I decided to be staunch about my minimalist stance. This, of course, is influenced by 1) a phobia to a cluttered environment   2) lack of closet space. Unless I decide to move to the countryside (God forbid!), I'll have to get used to these minute city dwellings    3) my frugal parents which means the guilt sets in when I spend too much instead of saving and investing. My father was mystified why anyone would pay thousands for a bag that has someone else's initials (LV).

A TPFer mentioned why there wasn't a blog about flats. Good point. I can barely walk in a straight line in heels. We will be going on holiday with my brother who just got here with wife and son from New Zealand. While packing for the trip, I wanted a few tops and bottoms to create multiple ensembles without having to lug around a heavy suitcase. Since we've got a couple kids between us, heels are out of the question. Anyone care to give me tips as to how one walks in heels?

Outfit: Gap cardigan, Petit Bateau t-shirt, Karen Walker skirt, cheap necklace from a shop selling costume jewelry (in Kuala Lumpur), Chanel Timeless Clutch and Repetto flats

statement necklace3
Outfit: Phillip Lim 3.1 top, Karen Walker skirt, Chanel Timeless Clutch and Repetto flats

statement necklace2


chanel timeless clutch

repetto red patent flats


  1. Again, love your ensembles. :) So effortlessly chic and practical at the same time.
    I used to be able to trot around in the highest heels, but after living in SH and Lux where I walk like mad, those sky high stilts are relegated to the basement. I tried moving them out and wearing them to dinners lately, but after a couple of weeks, have resorted back to my trusty flats.

  2. Beautiful classic outfits with a twist. I love the details (the necklace and the collar of the top).

  3. Thank you, Heather. Like you, once I left work, I completely lost the ability to wear heels. I think I might slowly graduate to low wedges first but anything higher than 2 inches just kills me.

    q9y8, thank you! I'm exactly the same which is why I'm drawn to tops by Phillip Lim.

  4. I'm a huge flats lover, too! I'd wear each of these outfits - love, love, love them!
    Ines De la Fressange says YES to flats over heels (sure she's 5'11") but, whatever! :)

  5. Glad you like the outfits, lauraloo. I choose comfort anytime. Ines de la Fressange has an amazing but sensible style which I love :)

  6. wow, beautiful ensemble. when can we see you in it?? i was reluctant to meet up with you in london bc i was travelling n didn't have any nice shoes n didn't want to appear like i'm a borneo aunty:D

    still want that clutch.

  7. Oh Terri! You wouldn't have thought any less of yourself if you'd seen me today in my Converse trainers. Well, next time there will be no excuse to catch up!

    I hate being photographed (my wedding photographer was NOT pleased with me). You'll have to get the clutch. Caviar leather's better as it's far more durable the lambskin.

  8. Love the lace necklace! I, too, adore flats. Even when I wear heels, I always pack a pair of flats. With all the cobblestones, walking and running from the bus to the train, I need comfy flats! I think I'll write a post on my flats and make a review. =)

  9. That's the problem with living in ancient cities. All the cobblestones! I haven't mastered the art of walking in heels when I'm running from one end of the town to the other.

  10. I live in flats, so I am not that good teacher whem it comes to walk on high heels:)
    I have to admit that Repettoo are one of the most comfortable ballerinas I have ever had.

  11. Like you, I live in a flat. I don't fancy going up and down the stairs umpteen times in my heels. I haven't found anything as comfortable as Repetto flats. Until I do, I'll stick to the brand.



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