Wednesday 13 April 2011
I haven't been all that enthralled by what I've seen on Anthropologie for quite sometime. Lately, things are looking up again with more appealing tops and dresses. Speaking of dresses, I'm currently making up for lost time. Other than my wedding dress, I've hardly ever put on a dress until 3 years ago. I was a tomboy growing up where TaeKwon-Do and athletics ruled my life. While my classmates were discussing about make up, clothes and boyfriends, I was busy training and discussing strategic moves in a sparring ring. My fellow TKD girlfriends weren't any better. Our instructor was horrified at our social etiquette and decided to show us how it was done. It was quite a sight seeing a massive heavyweight  black belter attempting to do the catwalk.

I remember having a massive fight with my father when he insisted that I should wear a skirt to an interview with the New Zealand High Commission. You would've thought that I was given a apocalyptic missive. Thankfully, I've embraced my feminity. I think.

Anthropologie Gran Sabana Shirt dress £118

Anthropologie Squall Line Skirt £98

Anthropologie Pezza Dress £98


  1. Those two dresses are great, - I would wear both to work.

  2. Love your pics! I'm trying to wear more dresses, too.

  3. Hi, I have been a silent reader of your blog and you totally crack me up :) I haven't seen anything great from Anthropologie for a long time now, their latest catalog didn't impress either, oh well :)

    No TKD for me but I don't wear dresses on a daily or even regular basis, LOL! I may put one on for special date nights out with DH but otherwise, forgetaboutit ;)

  4. Chin, the blue dress is a reminiscent of the 50s with the defined waist and flared skirt. I think you'll look really good in it.

    lauraloo, I love the fact that all I have to do is slip them on and not worry about mixing and matching.

    Michelle, I'm too embarrassed to show anyone photos of my TKD days. I've never in my wildest dream, ever thought I'd be wearing these many dresses :_



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