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Monday 4 April 2011
 It's so easy to be caught up in a never-ending whirlwind of activities. I decided that I should count my blessings and enjoy the little things in life. I have a wonderful family and thank God, they're all healthy. We have roof over our heads and plenty to eat.

We had a lovely weekend strolling down Westbourne Grove in London. We sat at a cafe and people watch. I ogled at the parade of designer bags. Little L and I had a rather serious discussion about which handbag was the most beautiful at Matches. We popped into Diptyque to pick up a little Mother's Day gift. 


I decided to take it a little easy this week. Slow down, smell the roses tulips and enjoy the simple things in life.


I picked up a baguette straight out of the oven at a bakery along with lovely strawberries and blueberries on the way home.

strawberries & baguette

I ate my simple but delicious breakfast whilst listening to Josh Groban belting out ballads.


And enjoyed the view outside my window.



  1. Lovely! I've been trying to do this too! I've been buying fresh flowers at the market every Friday and taking time to listen to my outdoor waterfall with a cup of tea and little goodie every afternoon.

  2. tt's a beautiful, blessed life:) tell your loved ones you love them NOW, aunty's order.

  3. Good on you for doing so, Lauraloo!

    Terri, LOL. Certainly, young aunty.



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