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Tuesday 5 April 2011
I don't know anyone who will turn down a Diptyque candle if presented with one. I certainly wouldn't. Guess that's not a very subtle hint for my upcoming birthday. Yes, it's months away. Not that I'd like to be reminded. *sigh* Isn't it interesting how one's always in a hurry to get older from age 0 to 29 but when the big 3-0 hits, one can't paddle fast enough to reverse the first sign of ageing.

I've walked past plenty of Diptyque stores in the past year but was always in too much of a hurry to checked it out. Most in the know speak of the brand in reverential tones. I thought it was completely overrated until I walked into their branch in Notting Hill. What an experience. At £38 a pop, cheap it's not. Although I liken Diptyque candles to a Birkin in the world of handbags, it pains me each time I light the candle. I know it sounds rather odd but I feel that I'm burning money albeit a little every hour.

Diptyque Candle Freesia £38 available at John  Lewis

I've found a far cheaper alternative from The Body Shop. Their candles seem to last forever. You don't get horrible sooty smoke from these and the wick burns easily. I'm so impressed with them, I've bought a few for friends as well. The Body Shop generally has some sort of promotion going on. Right now, they're giving  £10 off if you spend more than £25 on your next purchase. Time to stock up on the candles!

The Body shop Jasmine & Frangipani Scented Candle £10


  1. ooo! I know just what you mean. Diptyque candles are lovely. In fact, Diptyque is lovely full stop. I wear one of their perfumes.

    They are expensive and I generally find that inexpensive candles have a really false scent. The way I get round the expense is that I go to places like TK maxx where they often have expensive candles reduced. I have had Tocca candles, Kenneth Turner and This Really Works candles for a fraction of the price.

    Good to know the Body Shop ones are worth a go too!

  2. Great minds think alike, Sally! I normally head straight to the candles section at TK Maxx to stock up. I've had my fair share of horrible ones so if I can't make it to TK Maxx, these ones from The Body Shop will do the trick too.

  3. I've been eyeing these for years and really need to take the plunge. My current faves are from Henri Bendel. Love their Fig, Vanilla and Campfire scents!

  4. Just as well I don't live in the US, lauraloo. I will never have any savings! You guys get the most amazing selection for everything.

  5. I will bring you one when I visit the UK!



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