Special gifts

Wednesday 16 March 2011
I'm always touched and ever so grateful when someone takes the time to acknowledge a kind gesture or write that they've enjoyed my blog or photos. I was delighted to receive these gifts from my 5 and 7 year old godchildren who spent hours painstakingly assembling them for me. Despite extreme care was taken during packing and unpacking, bits still fell off but I love them just the same knowing that they were made with love.


My incredibly intelligent (yes, I'm biased!) 3 year old niece spent the morning writing and drawing this adorable birthday card for Little L. She was so proud of her cousin's work of art that every guest to our apartment was subjected to a full frontal assault by the card and only allowed to enter once  appreciative words were uttered.


My sister in law also shipped her holy grail over, a box of My Little Pony set which she has been hankering for a while but that was soon forgotten when she saw the necklace her little cousin made for her. She couldn't wait to call Little E to thank her for the "bestest present in the world".


My post is a little disjointed today and for that, I apologize. Lately,  I've been feeling more nervous and on edge. My eyes are peeled on the screen all day long trying to get the latest news. One can't help but be affected by the occurrence of a string of catastrophic natural disasters which culminated in the escalating mayhem in northern Japan. I feel so helpless sitting here but the least I can do is make a donation to the Red Cross.


  1. Love those lovely, simple gifts. They are the best! Is it your birthday?

  2. They were my Christmas presents. I can't believe the amount of time they'd spent gluing each individual bead.



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