Accessorizing: From day to night

Tuesday 15 March 2011
I must chime my favorite motto here which is comfy casual. I believe I've suffered enough in the name of beauty in my 20s and early 30s wearing heels that managed to strip a couple of inches of skin off my feet to waistbands digging into my stomach. My outfits have to reflect my life as a mom from running after Little L and her friends during the day to dragging grocery bags up the hill and stairs to my apartment.

There are days when I don't't have time to change for an evening night out with the girls nor have the energy to contemplate what to wear. All it takes is a quick swap of accessories and I'm good to go.

Here's my blank canvas consisting of a Petit Bateau long sleeved jersey t-shirt and Velvet Graham & Spencer for Uniqlo harem pants. They're both incredibly comfortable and surprisingly flattering. The black separates help elongate my petite frame and give me a slim silhouette. The harem pants is my favorite thing to wear when I'm on long haul flights and do not fancy the idea of denim or leggings.

Outfit: Petit Bateau long sleeved jersey t-shirt and Velvet Graham & Spencer for Uniqlo harem pants, Ted Baker Roark leather jacket, Louis Vuitton Leopard stole, Repetto flats and Hermes Bolide 31cm.

Outfit: Petit Bateau long sleeved jersey t-shirt and Velvet Graham & Spencer for Uniqlo harem pants, Ted Baker Roark leather jacket, Zara slingbacks, Hermes Lena Horn necklace and Chanel Timeless clutch.

One of my most worn and all time favorite necklace, Hermes Lena which is entirely handmade from buffalo horn by artisans in Vietnam.

I'm in need of a good and decent clutch. This Chanel Timeless clutch in caviar leather fits the bill perfectly. I've managed to pack (don't laugh) chicken nuggets and fries for Little L, credit and debit cards, cash, iPhone, tissues, keys with space to spare.


  1. Everything is absolutely perfect and super chic. I'd wear every piece, but you already know that!

  2. Lovely! I love that necklace and wear that scarf all the time. You have great taste!

  3. Ohhhh, I need that black ensemble! It looks lovely:0) I wish we had uniqlo here!

  4. Lauraloo, I think we're definitely twins in our other life! Oh, what I'd give to dive into your closet but it'd probably make me very poor too as I'd want to go out and buy.

    featherfactor, thank you! I would say the same for you as I love the clothes and bags you've posted on your blog. My scarf looks like it has been through a shredder

    Kat, I'm more than happy to post any clothes you've ordered from Uniqlo to you. I've down this for a few TPFers so it's not a problem.

  5. Don't feel bad about asking me if you see anything you want on Uniqlo, ok? It's really not a problem. The post office is my second home :P

  6. Très chic! Too funny about the chicken nuggets and fries in your Chanel clutch.

  7. hi chocolate cookies and candies! do you mind if i ask you where did you purchase your ted baker leather jacket? love it! from g

  8. DA, that's not all! I've managed to cram half a baguette in my Bolide as well as other little snacks.

    G, I've posted a reply to your question on another thread. Here it is again:

    The leather jacket is still available at Ted Baker. Here's the link:

    They do regularly turn up on eBay at a fraction of the retail price. I'm really touched by your post. Thank you! I'm no expert but will be more than happy to give you any little tips I know on photography if you wish.

  9. Brilliant! So chic! absolutely love the ensembles! Now, all I need to do is plan a trip to Paris to raid uniqlo again.

  10. Thanks, Heather! Glad you like them. I find the woolen sweaters from Uniqlo are far superior than Gap or even Zadig et Voltaire.

  11. i know!!! :'(
    i got this scarf ( from Zadig, and it was the worst buy of my life. random cheap zara scarves were much better. Zadig's quality versus price is just not justifiable.

  12. I love Zadig et Voltaire but I don't want to pay full retail price for them. Wow, the cashmere scarf is overpriced for a piece of sheer fabric. At the price, you're far better off getting a woolen LV shawl!

  13. I got it after a 30% discount - but still IMO, highly overpriced especially since it somehow still managed to cause incredible static in my hair despite claims of being 100% cashmere, which was why I thought it would have been a worthy investment in the first place. but yes, I should've just gotten a woolen LV shawl :,( I love your leopard stole!

  14. Wow! Static! I don't think they're particularly good quality then. I've seen Loro Piana or Brora ones, they're divine!

    My leopard stole got A LOT of wear. They're fragile compared to my Hermes shawl. The edges aren't stitched, it's so easy for the individual threads to get pulled. I can't complain because they're really comfortable.

  15. I wish I bought another pair of these Uniqlo harem pants. They're great for traveling.

  16. Thank you, PriscillaW8. I'm surprised at how useful it is.



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