Raspberry & Blueberry Lemon Drizzle Cake

Monday 21 March 2011
Little L who's never ever without an opinion announced that she's sick of icing coated confectionery and cakes.  I'm over the whole cupcake craze. The thought of sinking my teeth into a boatload of butter and icing sugar makes me shudder. I've been having a craving for a light fruity cake and this recipe hits all the right notes. The texture is light, fluffy and incredibly moist. The tarty raspberries compliments the subtle lemon drizzle perfectly.

Instead of making one large cake, I've decided to split the batter into two tins. As you know by now, I hardly ever follow recipes word for word. I've substituted lime with lemon as that's what I've got in the kitchen and as always, I've reduced the amount of sugar. Hubby who normally eschews anything sweet loved it.

There's a small French community here and I'm an honorary member. In fact, I'm the ONLY person in the group that's not a native speaker. I've really got to expand my vocabulary and improve my accent because it's getting a tad embarrassing. At this present moment, the only words I can pronounce are Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Petit Bateau, Lanvin, Jean-Paul Gaultier, cheval (because most Hermes scarves have an equestrian theme), croissant, bonjour, merci beaucoup, un café s'il vous plaît and Où est Pierre Herme? (where is Pierre Herme). My various attempts at the language on my visits to Paris have been thwarted by very diplomatic locals who very kindly informed me that they could speak English very well indeed.  A couple of French friends came over for a visit. The raspberry and blueberry lemon drizzle cake went down nicely with a cup of tea. Tif brought a batch of macarons that she just whipped up with whatever she had in the pantry and they were divine!





  1. Your post made me crack up! I speak Fashion-French, too! I'll try the recipe! Mmmmm

  2. Yes, a French friend of mine was amazed at my French repertoire :P It was so utterly useless when I'm in France!



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