Mid heels

Sunday 20 March 2011
I've noticed after hours and hours of trawling through every imaginable websites that most, if not all shoe designers tend to concentrate on either insanely high heels which will otherwise be known as skyscrapers or the other end of the scale, flats. There's little choice in between for those who still want to look like we have legs to our armpits without tittering down the street as if we're walking on a tightrope. I distinctively remember one short season of the kitten heels rage before it disappeared. Whilst I enjoy looking at amazing photos of editors, models and celebrities wearing the latest gobsmackingly awe-inspiring skyscrapers (ahem, heels) to the fashion shows, they're simply impractical for everyday wear.

Givenchy Woven Heels £514
This mouthwatering eye candy from Givenchy is on my wish list. Alas, they're not cheap. At £514, they make Christian Louboutin Simple heels which are priced at £340 seem so very cheap.

Givenchy Woven Leather Sandal USD $650 from Bergdorf Goodman
I'm so in love with this pair of Givenchys. I'm already imagining how they will work out with my outfits!

Marni Wedges from Net-a-porter £335

Zara Studded Sandals £59.99
These are certainly easier on the pocket. The colors are neutral enough to work with almost anything in my wardrobe.

Zara Strappy Sandal £49.99

Zara Medium heeled sandals with Broad straps £79.99

Topshop Ole Taupe Crossover Sandals £60


  1. Oh my, these Zara studded sandals are so Valentino. ;-)

  2. Nice picks! I'd wear each and every one of these. I actually have a cheap pair of NIne West that look really similar to the Givenchy. I wear them constantly!

  3. q9y8, I agree! That was the first thing that came to mind. For those who want a Valentino fix without the price tag.

    Thanks, Lauraloo. Lucky you! I've been looking for something similar to the Givenchy. Just looking at the price tag makes me hyperventilate!



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