Feeling the blues

Friday 11 March 2011
One of my favorite pastimes is checking out online stores and then putting all these amazing things into my basket but never checking out. Don't tell me you don't do the same either. I tell myself I'm "saving" money but sometimes the temptation is just too great. This is a calorie laden pastime because I'll also be munching crisps (well, I try to go for the unsalted Tyrell variety) and downing glass after glass of Appletizer (as opposed to Coca Cola as there's no added sugar. Okay I'm rationalizing here to reduce more guilt).

My all time favorite color is blue. In every shade. Needless to say, I'm automatically drawn to clothes in this color.

Odd Molly Remix Vintage Top from Coggles £95

Valley Breeze tunic from Anthropologie £88

 Isabel Marant Nabala dress £210 now £105

 Anthropologie Bright Future Top £58

 Anthropologie Effortlessly Charmed Maxi Dress £188


  1. hahaha! i munch on tyrells (and sometimes kettle) too while i spend hundreds and thousands of virtual euros on shopbop, netaporter, outnet and luisviaroma.
    hello, my name is heather, and i am an online-window-shopaholic. :p

  2. *raising my hand*, My name is Marlene and I'm a fellow online window shopaholic. You've named all my favorite online stores which I've spent tons of virtual money. *grin* Love Tyrells! None of the non-fat, healthy less oil blah blah blah please when it comes to my crisps (Chips). I want them dipped in oil.

  3. I do the same ... online WINDOW shopping is a fave past time! Though, I'm rarely drawn to blues and I don't munch on snacks LOL!

  4. You're waaaay more disciplined than I am. The minute I've got my laptop open, my hand automatically reach for the crisps. Very bad habit!



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