Cake Pops

Thursday 10 March 2011
It's customary for parents to bring small treats for their child's classmates on his/her birthday here. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to make. Chocolate chip cookies? Madeleines? Buy a bag of sweets for each kid? Hey, why don't I try Bakerella's cake pops? They look so darn cute and judging from the recipe, a breeze to make. Or so I thought until I started.....  Hubby was smart enough to steer far away from the kitchen when he heard cusses.

I decided to bake a cake from scratch rather than resorting to cake mixes or ready made ones as I prefer to reduce the sugar content. I've only used 40% of the amount of icing sugar stated on the frosting recipe on as I don't want to see the kids bouncing from wall to wall after taking a bite of my cake pops.  I replaced the recommended candy melts with standard chocolate buttons after seeing the numerous E numbers on the back of the packet. Unfortunately, the consistency of the melted chocolate was too thick so dipping the cake pops was a little more challenging than I'd anticipated.


I used my favorite butter cake recipe and made the frosting from scratch.

cake pop2

cake pop3

cake pop4

Note the color of the "cupcake" pop! The purple gel didn't work well with white chocolate melts.

cake pop5

cake pop6

Packed individually before dashing off to school to hand them over to the teachers.

All in all, it required more effort than I'd anticipated but the look on the children's faces when they were handed one of these made my day.


  1. Those are brilliant! These cake pops are the "new thing" where I live. So cute!!

  2. Oh my goodness they look delicious. I wish I was a teacher at that school right now!

  3. Thanks! They're great as treats but oh so time consuming to make. I'll have to make a few more batches before they look as decent as Bakerella's but my neighbors are complaining that they'd put on weight since I arrived.

  4. featherfactor, thank you! I was touched that the teachers and parents came to personally thank me for the treat. BTW, I love your blog!



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