Pretty Spring Attire

Monday 21 February 2011
Ok, I'm officially sick of winter. I never thought I'll think or talk about the weather this much until I moved here. Don't get me wrong, I still see the UK through rose tinted eyes - most days. But the rain!! When the temperature hits above 10˚C, everyone celebrates. I'm trying to cheer myself up by checking out the spring/summer pickings for this year.

Zadig et Voltaire Ribal Bis Dress €355
I love the color of this dress. It's flirty, loose and pretty.

 Rebecca Taylor Floral Print Silk Dress £320
I'm a fan of Rebecca Taylor not just because she's a fellow Kiwi. Her clothes are always feminine without being over the top.
Malene Birger Striped Knitted Cotton Blend Jacket

This reminds me of Chanel sweaters without the hefty price tag.

Etoile Isabel Marant Andy Embroidered Cotton Dress £285
This is typical of the boho edgy chic that Isabel Marant is famous for.

J Crew (for Kids) Girls Glitterati Oxfords $228
I just have to include this because the sparkling glitters makes me feel young.

Zara Safari Dress £25.99
I love simple cotton dresses that are easy to put on but hide multitude of sins.

Zara A-Line Dress £39.99
To me, a plain dress is like a blank canvas. Change the accessories and shoes and you get a completely different look.

Pins & Needles Ruffle Sleeve Dress £52
Scoop neck? tick. Dark for a slimming effect? tick. Pockets? tick. Sleeves to hide batwings? tick.

Zara Dress with waist cord £25.99
My red Hermes Evelyne messenger bag gets a lot of wear. I find the color a great neutral. What I need to do is venture out of my comfort zone and buy a red dress.


  1. i so empathize!!! it's started snowing in Luxembourg again, and I just want to die. :-/

  2. NO!!! I thought it's spring time?? I didn't realize it's that bad in Luxembourg too. We are having our 3rd bout of cold in 1.5 months. I REALLY need some sun right now.

  3. Loving the Zadig and Rebecca Taylor dresses! I've got to get more colour into my wardrobe.

  4. My favorite is the Z&V dress. I wish the price tag isn't so scary looking.

  5. I couldn't agree more. For me red is as strong as black and white. An amazing neutral. :-)

  6. q9y8, I've been thinking of adding more reds into my existing wardrobe. A great color but a neutral nonetheless.

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