Personal Challenge: One dress, A Pair of boots and 3 Looks

Friday 18 February 2011
I'm tired of looking like the Michelin man.With the temperature on the rise albeit slooooowly, I'm starting to ditch the layers. My merino wool thermal wear from Icebreaker have been a godsend. I bought this Comptoir des Cotonniers woolen dress recently at the sale. At a risk of wearing it the same boring way everyday, I decided to experiment a little to get more looks out of it. My current favorite accessories at the moment is my Jigsaw hat and Topshop ankle boots.

How does a vertically challenged, slim but in no way skinny with a muffin top attached 37 year old woman try to look taller and slimmer? I've been cinching my waist with a belt lately to achieve a little more of an hourglass silhouette. Okay, that's wishful thinking but it helps me look less like a barrel. I've stopped wearing heels since I became a SAHM. However, the chunky mid heeled ankle boots is actually quite comfortable and makes me feel tall for a change. See? It's all about optical illusion. Well, it's the next best thing to using the airbrushing tool on Photoshop.

Comptoir des Cotonniers Woolen dress



Outfit: Comptoir des Cotonniers dress, Gap Kids faux sheepskin gilet, Just In Case belt, Topshop ankle boots, Jigsaw hat.



Outfit: Comptoir des Cotonniers dress, Petit Bateau long cardigan, Zara leopard print belt, Chanel silk scarf, Topshop ankle boots, Jigsaw hat.



Outfit: Comptoir des Cotonniers dress, Zara leopard print belt, Hermes Ex-Libris cashmere shawl, Topshop ankle boots, All Saints leather jacket.


  1. Hello

    I too am vertically challenged but sadly not really slim so I find it extra important to create height. This I (mostly) do by wearing heels but if that is not an option, may I suggest...

    1. Matching your shoes to your leg colour (ie black tights and balck shoes, nude tights with nude get the idea!

    2. Perhaps not ankle boots as this can cut you into sections which can shorten your proportions.

    Just some tips. Everything is slightly different on different people anyway. So I would experient.

    Hope this helps. x

  2. Thanks, Sally for the tips. Time to start looking for a pair of black ankle boots :)

  3. These look are so cute and chic! I have a dress that's similar but I wish it was CDC. Love the boots!!!

  4. Thanks, Laura! You'll have to report back IN DETAIL about the Dicker boots. I wish I can see a pair in real life.

  5. Love look 1! So urban chic!



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