My favorite Cafes in Christchurch - Drexels

Monday 13 December 2010
Strictly speaking, Drexels isn't a cafe. It's a restaurant specializing in American style breakfasts. I've been coming here for 15 years. Yes, it's THAT good. I guess I'm a creature of habit as well as a loyal customer. If you treat me right and serve me good food as promised, I'll just keep coming back.

I used to work right across the road and most of our morning team meetings were held here. The meetings were beyond boring since good ol' boss loved to preside at the table like King Henry (he looked like him too) holding court with his serfs (calling us loyal subjects would be pushing it too far). The only saving grace was that we got a decent breakfast.

After trying to cater to ever growing number of customers, they've finally opened another branch right by Riccarton Mall. Thank goodness! Be aware that the portions are humongous. They charge $2.50 for sharing but will gladly do away it if you order a side dish with your meal.

drexels french toast
Vanilla and orange infused french toast with peaches


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