My favorite Cafes in Christchurch - Raspberry Cafe

Friday 10 December 2010
It has been 13 years since I've lived in Christchurch but each time I'm back, I head straight to my favorite eating places. No trip is complete without a visit to all 3 cafes.

First one on the list: Raspberry Cafe. It's situated approximately 20 minutes outside of Christchurch in a little town called Tai Tapu. If you want to sound like a local, you say Tai (as in tie) tap (tap dancing). Pyn-girl and I have spent hours chatting the afternoon away either on the patio or in the garden under the shady trees listening to the birds chirping away and the breeze wafted the sweet scents of raspberries and strawberries in the fields nearby. The kids can run around in the garden and there are plenty of beautiful flowers and plants to check out. My favorite is their Raspberry shortcake which sadly wasn't available on the day.

raspberry cafe1
Raspberry Cafe

raspberrycafe chicken cranberry filo
Chicken, cranberry and camembert filo.

raspberry cafe vanilla crumble
Vanilla Crumble

raspberry cafe meringue
Raspberry meringue

raspberry cafe raspberrycheesecake
Raspberry cheescake

raspberry cafe flowers2

raspberry cafe flowers

Raspberry Cafe
Rhodes Rd
Tai Tapu

03-329 6979


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