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Tuesday 2 November 2010

I rarely take the opportunity to explore Zara Home on the odd occasion when I'm in London. A lot of interior decor bloggers have raved about the website so to appease my curiosity, I decided to check it out. What can I say? I'm absolutely blown away. I found these little treasures for kids which may come in useful on long haul flights. Hopefully, the drawing and writing sets will keep her occupied. My little one isn't known for being quiet and inactive. Quite the opposite. After hearing her endless chatters for 12 hours non-stop on our previous trip to Asia, I was ready to hurl myself out the emergency door without a parachute.

Kids Drawing Set £15.99

Little L is currently taking private Mandarin tuition so this may be right up her alley. In addition, she spends most of her free time drawing and writing.

Kids Face Box £9.99
Beyond adorable. This will appeal to most kids. Also available on Amazon for £4.99 plus shipping

Kids Make Up set £15.99

What little girl is going to refuse this gift? Thankfully, it doesn't contain those disgusting and tacky eye shadows which is made up of God knows what chemicals.

Kids Paris Jewellery Cupboard £19.99

This would've totally rocked my world when I was a young girl. The perfect gift for a little princess.


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