Window displays

Thursday 18 November 2010
For the sake of my expanding girth, I'm going to move away from the topic of food until tomorrow. One of my favorite pastimes is checking out the window displays along the shopping strips of Chelsea and Knightsbridge. Harrod's puts on some of the most exquisite, theatrical and ostentatious showpieces which I wasn't able to photograph. The narrow footpath along Brompton Road right through to Sloane Street is always choked up to the gills with masses of mostly tourists and some locals who are brave enough to battle the crowd. Let's not forget the anti-fur protestors permanently stationed outside the main entrance of Harrod's.

 Ooookay, going back to the whole point of this post. Lately, I'm sick and tired of my outfits. I'm not a morning person so unless I've put clothes aside the night before, I often end up wearing whatever that's within easy reach of my arm. I love the creative ways how the different boutiques style their mannequins. I managed to get some great ideas which I'm going to put to good use.





  1. ah i finally got a glimpse of you in the reflection!

  2. argh! My legs look like two overstuffed sausages!!! Not a good look.

  3. Wow, how did you take these wonderful pictures? I once wanted to snap a shot of my local H window but there was just too much reflection. :-(

  4. Thanks! I'm so pleased you like them as I consider it a high compliment when you're a darn good photographer yourself. I took them with my compact Panasonic at an angle (at least 45 degree)as I couldn't be bothered lugging around my heavy DSLR. Too bad I couldn't attach a polariser as that would reduce the reflection even more significantly.

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