A weekend of gluttony - Tukdin Restaurant

Wednesday 17 November 2010
The title was supposed to be a weekend of feasting but honestly, flitting between 5 restaurants in 2 days seemed almost gluttonous. After the non-stop glutton-fest, I looked like I was at least 6 months pregnant and as round as a barrel. Not a pretty sight at all. I arrived in London, armed with a pair of tights with loose elastic waistband and a very forgiving shift dress.

I'm only featuring two restaurants here as I completely abandoned my camera thereafter and concentrated on the most important task at hand - eating. A few weeks ago, an old Malaysian classmate whom I've known since I was 7 arrived in London after a whirlwind trip around Europe. A mutual friend and fellow former classmate who's currently residing in the UK thought it'd be fantastic to have a mini reunion sans husbands and kids. Two decades later and a few pounds heavier, I concede that we're still as wacky as ever and no better than when we were hormonally charged teens.

R had heard from her friends in Kuala Lumpur that the best Malaysian restaurant in town was Tukdin. Despite growing up in Borneo, my exposure to the Malay cuisine is rather abysmal with my repertoire extending to the ubiquitous rendang and nasi goreng. The chef, Tuk Din used to work at Malaysia Hall which is attached to the embassy. As its the traditional West Malaysian cuisine, the food is halal and quite different to what I'm used to in the east. Nonetheless, I won't hesitate to pay another visit to the restaurant on my next trip to London.

Tukdin Flavours of Malaysia 
(020) 7723 6955

41, Craven Road, Bayswater, W2 3BX
Paddington, W2 3

Fried satay meat. Really lovely. My favorite!

Nasi goreng padang. Fried rice wrapped up in omelet.

Curry puff

I can't remember the name of this dish but it's basically aubergine braised with chillies, tomatoes and peppers

Nasi Lemak

Beef cooked in soy sauce and spices

Another variety of nasi lemak

To be continued...............


  1. the nasi lemak looks very good but the curry puffs...i hate those deep fried 'layered skin' curry puffs. such a pity they don't make them like before, with short crust pastry and baked, not fried.

  2. I've never been a big fan of curry puffs and only managed two bites. The satay dish was very good. What I'm dying for is a restaurant that specialises in nyonya kuehs. I have a list as long as my arm of things I NEED to eat on my upcoming trip to Asia.



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