What a day it has been!

Tuesday 23 November 2010
Call me obsessed but little ol' me who absolutely detest getting out of bed before the crack of dawn did it all in the name of Lanvin. For those of us who can't afford Lanvin RTW, this is our only opportunity. It took me well over 1.5 hours of maniacally refreshing the screen before managing to get into their online store. By then, everything has sold out except for fishnet tights which I'm sure will cause a lot of jaws to drop (and not for all the right reasons) should I wear them out in my little medieval town.

I decided to change tactics and call the H & M customer service only to find that their systems have crashed. Just as I predicted. Two hours later, I got back on the phone and managed to nab these:

I didn't manage to get anything from my list. I felt a little foolish and yes, sheepish, for grabbing whatever that were left in my size whether I liked it or not. So, off I got back on the phone again and canceled the order. I'm sure I've made another woman really happy. By now, I was starting to feel despondent. All the effort for nothing.

My wonderful friend q9y8 came to my rescue. Bless her heart. Within less than an hour of sending her an email, she sent a reply telling me that she bought my two most desired items from Lanvin for H & M collection. I'm so touched that a blogger friend whom I've never physically met would go through the hassle of procuring and posting the jewelry for me. Thank you, q9y8!

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  1. you are so stylish! (move over kate n alexis) am relieved we didn't meet. i travelled europe in my girl's old h & m sweater, then just left it in a hotel in genoa when we were on the way to hotter places.

  2. Terri, YOU are one hot mama!! I wish I have your figure so what are you going on about?! I've seen photos of you and you look chic.

  3. I am happy that you've cancelled the order, these four items really don't worth the money you would have spent.

    It's my pleasure, enjoy the necklaces. :-)

  4. You're a sweetheart, q9y8! I can't thank you again for dashing out to get the 2 necklaces.

    I felt uneasy after purchasing the items. The floral dress with poofy sleeves would look ridiculous on someone who's petite and has a small frame. Too bad about the clothes. I was hoping this collection would be better than Jimmy Choo which was utterly rubbish. However, I was very impressed with the quality of fabric Sonia Rykiel used for her H&M collection.



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