Countdown to Lanvin for H & M frenzy

Monday 22 November 2010
Okay, I admit I was fairly tempted to be one of those who are crazy enough to queue outside a H & M store in the wee hours of the morning just to be the first ones to barge through the door tomorrow. Since there's an option to order online at 7am in the UK, I think I'm going to stay at home tucked under my cosy duvet and click away. That is, if their website doesn't crash under the weight huge traffic volume in the morning.

I've been busy checking out various blogs in the US to read comments on the collection. It seemed that the consensus was the T-shirt dresses are well made, their dresses are made of polyester and wrinkled beyond belief but can be revived with a proper iron/steamer.  Handbags are poorly made. Regardless, I am excited and can't wait to get my hands of a couple of dresses myself.


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