Tuesday 19 October 2010
I'm starting to think that I've jinxed the weather in the UK. My superstitious nature started when we arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand 20 years ago. It snowed that year in a part of the country that hasn't seen snow in decades. The next year, the inopportune snowfall, reported to be the worst in a century had a catastrophic impact on the agricultural industry, killing well over a million livestock in the Canterbury region.

When we arrived in the South of England, everyone, and I do mean, everyone I'd met, told me that I've picked the best place to live because it hardly ever snowed. It snowed. Last winter, the snowfall was far worse than the previous year. I'm now told that there will be snow over the next few days. Lucky me.

The most important tip I've learned so far where fashion is concerned, is layering. Wearing one ginormous thick coat doesn't cut it unless you prefer to roast or freeze your butt of if you need to remove the darn thing. I love to drool over the gorgeous outfits on Bonpoint online store. I feel physically sick parting with that amount of cash for one single outfit but their stylists are amazing at layering. I've picked up a few great ideas from the looks they'd created. Splashes of color are used throughout to show that one doesn't have to live in grey and black during the cold winter months.

Photo credit: Bonpoint


  1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

    I am not good at layering but I'm afraid that I have to try it this winter. Didn't they say that it will be the coldest winter in 1000 years?

  2. Sorry for the late reply. YES!! Broadband is finally switched on at my new place today.

    It's absolutely freezing at the moment. I'm not that great at layering either but it's definitely something I have to learn. I've fallen into the bad habit of buying thick jackets and then feeling completely suffocated when I'm out and about in town.



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