Krispy Kreme

Monday 25 October 2010
I've never been so happy to see a steady green light on my router instead of orange today. I was ready to go out of my mind without proper broadband for 3.5 weeks. Calling Sky call centre was an utterly useless exercise as all the representatives I'd spoken seemed to excel in fobbing customers off. Okay, enough of my rant.

When Krispy Kreme opened its doors for the very first time in Sydney, Australia, I along with many others who also were sucked into the hype joined the queue that snaked around the block. Given that I don't live in Australia but happened to be there on a quick stopover, I was not going to miss the opportunity to taste my first Krispy Kreme donut. I'm ashamed to say that it wasn't all that hard to wolf down a dozen in quick succession. To my dismay,  I couldn't stomach a single donut during my pregnancy and thereafter.

My cousin's husband is addicted to Krispy Kreme donuts. It was all too easy to drive to the nearest Krispy Kreme store when he was living in the US but there was none to be found when he moved to Miri, Borneo. It amazes me how the guy remains as skinny as a beanpole despite consuming high calorie junk food. Two years ago, whilst holidaying in Hong Kong I came across the donut store on a shopping strip. I bought two dozen original glazed donuts (his favorite) and hand carried them back to Sibu (Borneo). They were immediately dispatched by bus the next day to Miri. He was beyond ecstatic. One would've thought I sent him a grand piano (he's a concert pianist and owns a music school).

It has been years since I bit into a Krispy Kreme donut but I couldn't resist getting a few on my recent shopping expedition sans the two kids (I mean, the husband and child). I think MY addiction to these American export has resurfaced again.




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