Hermes Jumping Boots

Wednesday 8 September 2010
I managed to nab a pair of Hermes boots at a great price and practically worn it to death over the past 2 winters. I've been dreaming of these droolworthy Jumping Boots for a while. At £1400, they're certainly not cheap. They were impossible to find in any Hermes stores that I've been to (not that I was willing to part with such a large sum of money on shoes - yet) but they've finally arrived on


  1. I've tried them at my local store but found them unfortunately too hard and uncomfortable to wear. It's probably a problem of my legs. :-(

  2. Oh no! I don't think the problem lies in your legs. You're so slim! The other style, I think they're called story boots or something similar, are so comfortable and much cheaper too.

  3. I have no idea what's really wrong. ;-)

    My SA told me that H has produced a special version, the so called "Japanese jumping boots", which has the same design but they are made to fit the Asian better. Unfortunately they are only available in Japan.

  4. A lot of the luxury brands seem to design exclusive collections for the Japanese market. There are actually tons of Asians outside of Japan. Hope they realise that!



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