K Jacques Parys Gladiator Flats

Monday 2 August 2010
Oh no, not sandals again, I hear you say. So far my love affair with them is still going on strong. On my last trip to Paris, I noticed that the locals tend to wear flats with such flair. The way only a Parisienne could. For those who live in cities with cobbled streets, you know how painful it is to walk in heels. I darned near broke my ankle once. Ouch. Never again.

For someone who had a dry spell last year when it came to shoes, I seem to find myself buried under an avalanche of flats in my size. In a short space of 7 months, I'd purchased 3 pairs of ballerina flats, 2 pairs of flip flops (jandals for the Kiwis back home) and two pairs of strappy flats. That's 7 pairs of FLATS in addition to my current collection. And I have ONE pair of feet. Did I mention I hate clutter?

I assuaged the guilt by reminding myself I did not pay retail for my K Jacques flats. They were 65% off including the hefty international shipping. How could I say no? Take a look at these photos and video and I'm sure you wouldn't be able to resist K Jacques flats either.

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And here's my new K Jacques Parys Gladiator Flats. I feel as if I'm in St Tropez already.



  1. Thanks, q9y8! Got to break them in though. My toes are covered in plasters!

  2. Oh no, not sandals again... just kidding! I actually prefer the black ones, - the brown ones look really ordinary compared to them.

  3. I figured these stand out more against the brown soles. But then again, these were the only ones available in size 35. Hah! Not that I had a choice.



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