Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine

Tuesday, 24 August 2010
Too bad my little 3 year old nephew ZL, isn't here or else he'd totally flip seeing his "idol" - Thomas the Tank Engine. C and I took the kids to see Thomas on the Watercress Line. The day started off beautifully with sunny skies and a gentle breeze.

There's this whatever its name is:

Cute and happy face, albeit dirty

Would this be Bertie?

Cutie Pie S smiled for the camera
little S

And then someone IMPORTANT pulled up and got the kids all excited. However, it started to drizzle. The kids became increasingly hungry and agitated. The moms got more frazzled. And Thomas needed a rest for 30 minutes.....

But at least the drivers were still cheerful.

Toby (correct me if I'm wrong) pulled up....

Thomas in vintage. I couldn't resist playing around with Photoshop
thomas vintage look

Absolutely no idea which engine this was but it looked mighty spiffy.
thomas' friend

The calm before the storm. From cutie pies to rabid animals within seconds.
3 kids with Thomas


  1. For sure Z would have a field day !!! Let's see , grandma have to know a few names too---- Thomas,Henry,James,Bertie,Emily ,etc ,etc
    Lucky L and cutie friends !!

  2. You know more characters than me, Mi. Very impressive!



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