Birthday Present

Wednesday 25 August 2010
Poor Steve had to put up with rather snarky comments for days before revealing his surprise for me. I had to make reservations for MY birthday dinner?! He sneaked out the day before with L to help choose a present for me. A lovely surprise and a much needed gift. What a sweet gesture!

Here's what I'm wearing now. My glasses were a cheap buy from Borneo but one of the plastic thingy on the leg broke within months. The filthy nose pads had to go too. So what does a girl do when she can't be bothered getting a new pair?

old glasses

And this is my new pair to match the sunglasses he bought for me last year. I love the fact that the word Chanel doesn't appear anywhere on the exterior.

new glasses


  1. Gorgy glasses from sweet DH and DD. Enjoy it in best health!

  2. what a beautiful pair of glasses! is tt the new logo for chanel, the intertwined Cs with a floral surround?

    HAPPY birthday to you! i thot your bday had just passed? isn't it on the 12th august?

  3. nope, it was on the 22nd :)

    I think this is their Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Chanel tends to incorporate their trademark Camellia flower into a lot of their accessories. Steve originally picked a pair from their Pearl collection but it didn't suit my moon shaped face.



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