What I love about Waitrose

Tuesday 22 June 2010
For those who live in the UK, you'll know that Waitrose is the Rolls Royce of all supermarkets. They have the most amazing selection of food and fresh produce. No, this is not a paid advert. Just an extremely happy customer because they've exceeded my expectations again and again.

1. Exceptional customer service
On the rare occasion where they've made mistakes, they bent over backwards to make amends. In the event where I was the culprit, THEY bent over backwards to please ME. Here are two amongst many other examples. I didn't know about the drop down box changing the kgs to each so I chose a 3 kg corn fed free range chicken and wrote that I wanted two chickens weighing 1.5kgs each on the little side note. The next day, the driver turned up with one HUGE chicken and when I grumbled, he apologized profusely and arranged for another chicken to be delivered. That evening, Waitrose came knocking again carrying an organic free range chicken (these suckers cost a lot), apologized for overlooking my note and told me it would be free of charge.

Last week, I received 3 vouchers in the post. One voucher for each shopping with incremental discounts. To cut a long story short, I couldn't use them. I called and voila, 3 new voucher codes totaling £30. In addition to getting £30 of free groceries, the driver (a different man each time but ever so courteous and gracious) gave me a bag of shopping on the house. In it was a tray of prawns (L's favorite food), manchego cheese, prosciutto, baguettes, a jar of japalenos (Steve will be so happy), lemon, garlic and a jar of roasted pepper to make Delia Smith's recipe of the week dish. That was more than £15 worth of grocery in that bag. I was informed that next week, I'll be getting a bag of ingredients to make a strawberry pavlova. I can't wait.

2. Free delivery
Some supermarkets are charging up to £5.99 for delivery so I'm grateful that Waitrose is offering the  service for free.

3. The freshest and best meat section
A friend of a friend who's a butcher will only buy meat from Waitrose and Marks and Spencer. I read in a newspaper article not too long ago that Waitrose looks after their farmers which means investing in them as well as paying fair prices. As a result, the farmers give them their best selection. I can believe this after spending a lot of time going up and down their meat aisle as well as the other supermarkets'. A lot of farmers inject hormones into their stock and feed them pellets with artificial and/or GM modified ingredients. I'm sorry but I'd rather not feed my family chemicals.

4. Competitiveness
I love that they're now pricing their goods competitively. In fact, another newspaper article I read a few weeks back compared prices between supermarkets and found that Waitrose is priced on par with the likes of Sainsbury's or Tesco.


  1. Lucky you !!! *sigh* wish we have Waitrose in NZ .

  2. I LOVE Waitrose. I think Waitrose, Selfridges and the National Portrait Gallery are the main reasons to stay in the UK!

  3. Mi, you'll go nuts in Waitrose. The selection is amazing.

    Chin, at this point in time, I can't leave Waitrose, Selfridges or National Portrait Gallery either. These are my favorite places to go to.



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