Bicester Village

Wednesday 23 June 2010
Steve and I decided to hop on a train to check out the outlet mall at Bicester village last weekend. It was one of those few spontaneous things we've ever done. It's one of his favorite haunts and since it was Father's Day the next day, heck, why not indulge the poor guy. There are many brands, both high end and High St represented there such as Tod's, Dior, Marni, Joseph (which stocks Prada, Giuseppe Zanotti, Zac Posen), Temperley, Jimmy Choo, Petit Bateau, Bonpoint, DvF, Dunhill, Burberry, Zegna, Ferragamo etc.

Hubby managed to stock up on his favorite Dunhill jeans which was reduced to £30 from £120. Much as I love fashion, I hate shopping for anything more than 2 hours. I have the attention span of a 2 year old which is why I love living in the UK. Online shopping! However, I'm like a woman possessed if I'm in the presence of childrenswear or shoes.

My brother called and asked if I could help get his two kids clothes. Children's clothing and footwear are ridiculously priced in New Zealand. The monstrous Baby Factory and Pumpkin Patch literally dominate the market with clothes that fall apart after a few washes and aren't all that cheap either. Oops, and Steve bought Pumpkin Patch shares a few years back so I guess I should wax lyrical about the brand. I went a little crazy in Petit Bateau which had 50% off everything in the store and grabbed every cute dress or cardigan for my little niece. I stocked up a few pieces for L as well. I adore Bonpoint but my practical other self can't see the sense in plonking down hard earned cash for childrenswear that they'll outgrow in 6 months to a year. Ah, the French are so good at making beautiful clothes. I managed to get a much needed polka dot smock top from Bonpoint for myself which was heavily reduced to £29 and a jersey scarf for L (she can't stand woolen scarves).

I felt despondent just looking at racks of beautiful shoes and none in my size. Ever. Instead of getting a Father's Day present for Steve, he bought me a gift. These Tod's sandals came handy when the strap on my Zanotti broke on our way home. There was another 20% reduction on top of the discounted outlet price.



  1. wow !!! only one word ie BUY BUY BUY ....always feels good when there is HUGE discount :D

  2. Mi, no more BUY BUY BUY for you. It's BUY one, THROW one out! :-)

    Especially as you are now leaving wardrobes around the country...

    Li, - great sandals!

  3. *grin* You're funny, Chin. Mi, you've got more clothes and shoes than anyone I know! Time to give some to the charity stores.

    I wish I have bigger feet like you guys. The patent capped toe on my Repetto flats tore so there goes my one and only pair of black shoes. Great. So far, I have no luck in locating anything in my size.

  4. Aiyah lol !!!! my BUY x3 was directed at Li's buying spree . Hardly buy these days . :))

  5. Mi, it's buy one, throw THREE out. No buy buy buy for me either. Place is too small. Need anything now that the sale is on, you two? Heading to selfridges soon. I'll going to Uniqlo to return a dress so let me know if you need me to get something.

    Btw, I think I can finally wear the Bloch flats without getting a blister. Any luck with yours, Mi?

  6. Really? You're getting blisters with Bloch? They're by far the most comfortable shoes I have. I'm trying to figure out where to get more of them over here. Only problem is that they are slippery on wet ground. Nearly fell over several times at work, so haven't worn them during winter.

    Mi, - serious ah? How come everytime I see you, you have new clothes? Does that mean you don't want me to take you to Icebreaker when you come up? :-) (Aduh, such a terrible daughter....)

  7. Yup cos I found the elastic band quite uncomfortable in the beginning. You could put rubber protective sole. There's a good cobbler on Queen St, a block from Smith and Caughey. Or failing that, Grafton.

    BTW, the Blochs are on sale now. Want me to get a couple of pairs? I think they're between 30-50% off.

    Mi, you've been shopping?? NO!

  8. I wear the Blochs for my praise dance exercise ,tho' the Repetto flats are still the BEST for walking .
    would like to check out the icebraker outlet in Auckland .



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