Update on Uniqlo & Velvet collection

Monday 14 June 2010
These guys at Uniqlo work at super sonic speed. I placed an order on Friday and the lovely postman knocked on my door early this morning. I am extremely impressed with the quality and fit of these clothes considering how cheap they are. They haven't skimped on the fabric either. These are some of the softest cotton I've ever laid my hands on.


  1. I really wished I picked up more Uniqlo items, I'm wearing all the pieces regularly, and they wash so well. Except for the jeans, - I've lost a bit more weight, so the jeans are a bit big. It's about time they opened a store in Australia.

  2. Didn't realize you were on a diet. Good on you. Feel free to place orders at uniqlo. I can always group them together and ship it to you in one bag. Icant get over how good the quality of their clothes are and they're so ridiculously cheap

  3. It wasn't intentional, - side effect of coming down with a cold. Thanks Li, - when they next have a sale, I think my resistance will be futile....

  4. Uniqlo and Gap are two retailers that are constantly on sale :P How's the fit of your Joules shirtdress?



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