Argiroupolis Part 1

Monday 14 June 2010
I was a tad nervous going back to Argiroupolis this time. After all, it has been 12 years and I wasn't sure if Kiria Eleftheria Zografaki would still remember me. Secondly, Jen and Andrew were so excited to see the place I've been harping on for such a long time and I didn't want to disappoint them if it didn't live up to their expectations. Poor Jen, nearly collapsed with relief when she saw our coach pulled up.  Instead of an old rickety bus, we sat in a new luxurious coach with a hot young driver behind the wheel who thankfully, drove very sensibly. The journey took no more than 40 minutes from Rethymno.


The heavy clouds looming over Argiroupolis.


Church bells at the town square

I was amazed that I could still remember how to get from the bus stop to Apartment Zografakis considering the fact that I have no sense of direction whatsoever. When we got there, I couldn't locate anyone until I walked into the kitchen. My heart fell when Kiria Eleftheria didn't show a flicker of recognition when I re-introduced myself and she was somewhat overwhelmed by my entourage. Our reception was friendly but impersonal. We chatted a little bit but she couldn't recall our correspondence nor the photos and cards I'd sent her over a period of 3 years. As it turned out, she decided to call her daughter, Yanna whom I'd spent quite a bit of time with as we are the same age, born literally a week apart. Speaking to her on the phone was like greeting a long lost friend. I was very touched when Yanna told me that she kept and framed the photo I'd sent of her parents standing outside their newly built domatia (Bed and Breakfast). Since the following Monday was a statutory holiday, she and her family will drive back to Argiroupolis to see me. I was thrilled.

zografakis1 copy
The photo I took 12 years ago.

zografakis2 copy
Yanna and Costa were engaged at the time.

And this is what they look now:

Mr Z11
Evangelos Zografakis

Yanna and Costa

Filothei (nicknamed Filitsa) was a teenager when we met but she's now a beautiful young lady.


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