A perfect day at Montisfont Abbey

Tuesday 20 April 2010
When Lou suggested we took the kids to Montisfont Abbey, I jumped at the opportunity. The kids were ready to climb the walls after being cooped up in the house all day so it was a great excuse to take them out for fresh air. It was the perfect day with the sun shining down on us (I'm starting to realize that sunny days are very rare here in the UK).

Montisfont Abbey was built in 1201 by William Brewer, an unpopular man who made a fortune through rather underhanded means. In fact, he was so hated that the people in the counties he governed paid the King to have him removed. He must've felt rather guilty towards the end of his life and tried to atone for his sins by becoming a monk. Pretty extreme if you ask me.







After a lovely short walk, the kids started to whinge and whine. We thought it'd be best if we grabbed lunch immediately before their bleatings turn into ravenous roars. The food at the kitchen was some of the best I've ever had. I ordered a children portion of Shepherd's Pie which was outstanding.  My word! The ginormous portion was way too much for a child! It was made of Hampshire free range lean minced pork, delicately flavored with Worcestershire sauce and chopped tomatoes. The piped mashed potatoes was soft and fluffy. The dish was priced at £3.25. Unbelievably cheap. Lou and I shared a slice of chocolate caramel shortbread. Absolutely divine. The kids had ham and cheese sandwiches followed by home-made cookie, raisins and juice, all nicely packed in a cute box.

montisfont kitchen1
Look at the restored kitchen. Love it!

montisfont kitchen2
I would come back just for the food. Their hearty fare and droolworthy dessert were some of the best I've ever had.

We explored their beautifully maintained garden. Flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere.

montisfont flower5

montisfont flowers4

montisfont flowers3

montisfont flowers2

montisfont flower1

montisfont flower6

The two best friends played their favorite game - princesses. They spent hours concocting stories and pretended to dance in the ballroom (gazebo in the garden) with their respective princes. And this is what happened when you give a child your lip balm........

montisfont L1

and this.....

Montisfont lipstick
And you thank your lucky stars that you weren't silly enough to give them a bright red lippy

Montisfont L&L

montisfont L2

Off to the ice-cream parlor for the reward we've promised them.

montisfont ice cream
A scoop of raspberry meringue ice cream on a teddy bear cone. All for a princely sum of 65 pence!

There's even a little shop for the adults

montisfont flowers9

The end


  1. Enjoy the sunshine ,get as much vitamin D as you can !!! very reasonably priced good food always like the photos .Cheers :D

  2. Again, i love your photos!

  3. Glad you like them, Terri. Thank you for the encouragement. You and my mother are my greatest cheerleaders.



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