Cath Kidston

Sunday 28 March 2010
The locals were delighted when Cath Kidston decided to set up shop on High St. I wasn't particularly enamored with the the kitschy but useful offerings until yesterday when I took a closer look. Each time I walk past the shop, it's bustling and doing a roaring business despite the downturn of the economy. Obviously, the smart lady's doing something right. I came home with these:

I'm forever looking for containers to store tea bags, cookies etc etc etc. So, I couldn't resist this

Spray Flower set of 4 containers £16

Since I'm constantly measuring bags, hats and clothes for my eBay shop, it's high time I get a proper measuring tape instead of a plastic flexi-ruler. It has a press button release and comes in a compact and cute size.

Mini dot measure tape £5

I've been looking for a camera bag to replace my well worn LowePro. A friend recommended Crumpler so I dashed off to John Lewis and purchased a Muffin Top 3000. Unfortunately it's too small to hold my camera and 2 lenses including filters, external flash, wallet, water bottle, journal, iPhone, sunglasses, inhaler, cosmetic pouch, a pack of tissues, L's stash of snacks and a book. Yes, I know. I carry everything AND the kitchen sink. I often ended up lugging a camera bag (actually, hubby does) and an additional handbag which is a pain. I could upgrade to a bigger Crumpler but I'm vain. I don't want my camera bag to look like a well, camera bag. So sue me. 

I'm thinking of this Navy polka dot Saddle bag. It has lots of compartments and pockets and  oilcloth makes it waterproof. It costs less than a Crumpler and is the perfect size for traveling. The only thing it lacks is the padded dividers.

Navy Polka Dot Saddle Bag £68
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