1 dress, 4 looks

Thursday 25 March 2010
I've got these two girlfriends - Gorgeous, high cheekbones, flawless complexion, hourglass figure with waist smaller than my thigh. Furthermore, they're kind, generous and loyal to boot. I hate them. Just kidding. The only thing was they've been told that they needed to dress more professionally at work. If I had their looks and figure, I would be wearing Herve Leger bandage dresses everyday. Anyway, back to reality.

So when J and her hubby came to visit us last weekend, we played dress-up. Similar to the game my daughter plays everyday in school and at home except her costumes are some of the gaudiest, most garish and tacky outfits I've ever seen in my life. Yes, I bought most of them (sucker). And yes, she loves them all. There's just no accounting for taste nor negotiating with a 4 year old. Oops, I digress....

I was channeling Rachel Zoe so I pulled dress after dress for J. She tried out different outfits and combination until we found out what worked for her. She was rather shocked that nothing she had on cost more than £100 with the exception of accessories and shoes. We started off with a single dress - violet Gap dress. Cost? £24.99 at the sale. With one dress, I created 4 different looks for her.


Gap violet dress £24.99, Gap merino wool cardigan £9.99 and vintage reversible Hermes belt


Gap violet dress £24.99, Rag & Bone £100 (from Browns £700 down to £100), Christian Louboutin Prive heels

Look 3

For a more casual look, Gap violet dress £24.99, Chanel silk scarf, Guiseppe Zanotti flats

Look 4

Another casual look, Gap violet dress £24.99, Louis Vuitton Sprouse cashmere stole, MNG leather jacket £75, Uniqlo leggings £4. I cropped my Repetto black flats out of the photo because they looked so tatty.

The same combo will work perfectly with this dress and it can worn as a cocktail/going out dress. Comptoir des Cotonniers £40 (sale).


  1. It was an awesome dress-up weekend with you, Marlene. Thanks! :) It wasn't just about putting on different actually helped to create some hope/confidence in me. Look forward to the make-over weekend, one day!

  2. Awww, thanks, J. It was fun! Don't forget to pencil next Sat in with me. I can't wait to play dress up again.



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