Favorite things during the Christmas season

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

I'm a late adopter of Christmas traditions in the U.K but I'm making up for lost time. I'm still not used to the excessive gift buying as we've never really exchanged presents during Christmas. The idea was rather foreign in my early years in Borneo. I see the immense stress and financial strain some of my friends have to deal with here. That was enough to confirm that it wasn't something I'd ever want to emulate.


However, I'm obsessed with Christmas tree decorations. Each and every single decoration on my tree represents an experience my family and I have had in the past. Say, the Eiffel tower encased in a snow globe. I've had many precious memories on my numerous trips to Paris. Ditto with the handmade embroidery of Winchester Cathedral in town.

There's nothing more enchanting than sitting on the sofa on a cold winter's night with the candles lit, Christmas carols playing in the background and lights twinkling on my Christmas tree. Simple pleasures.


I picked up this handmade nutcracker from the Christmas market. The word art and craft make me break out in hives so I wasn't going to say no when my friend, Eileen, a talented florist asked if she could make a wreath for me.

I rarely bake these days. No baking means no eating. Hence, little weight gain. Yup, vanity. I decided to take the easiest route by just buying gingerbread cookies, all perfectly iced so that I don't have to deal with the mess. Chowing these beauties down takes a minute but it takes hours just to ice the darned things. I've noticed that the pricing at Biscuiteer is a little different at the store than online. The nutcracker and ballerina set cost £7 in the store but £10.95 plus shipping online. They're expensive but it's worth the cost just to see happy faces when they open the box to see the unexpected gift within.

What are your favorite things during the Christmas season?


  1. Lovely to see a post and especially your beautiful photos, love the handmade decorations and in our house the only presents exchanged are books. The tree is a living one brought in each year and decorated with very few unglittery apples and pears.
    The reason I stopped posting on your blog is that it is incredibly difficult to type and send for some reason.
    However I do u

  2. See? I couldn't correct that sentence and then is zoomed off !
    Have a great Christmas x

    1. Estrella, that's really odd. I know it's a bit tricky from a smartphone. Are you commenting from your computer or phone?

      I love how you keep things so simple. I find that Christmas can become so commercialized that the whole meaning behind the celebration is lost .

  3. I post from my Mac and have found that I can't correct, and then it takes me back to homepage, seems OK now though!
    I do hope you will post more next year, my wardrobe needs some inspiration…..

    1. I haven't updated my wardrobe much other than the odd purchases. To be perfectly honest, I prefer Isabel Marant clothes from many seasons ago. They seemed better made. It's a pain hunting them down though!

  4. decorating the Christmas tree, going to the Christmas markets, cakes:)

    1. Me too! And checking out the beautiful Christmas lights.

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