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Thursday 26 May 2016

My eyesight is the bane of my life. Allergic to all kinds of contact lenses, glasses are my only savior. The onset of the big 4-0 brought about a different challenge - long sightedness. Yes, it's a hot topic amongst my friends who like me, are all in our 40s struggling with both long and short sightedness. Even those who were lucky to have their eyes lasered encountered the same problem once 40 came around the corner. We all inevitably ended up having to wear glasses.


In my spare time, I trawl websites and stores for frames. Yes....well....rather strange hobby, you might say but it's a frustrating exercise trying to find a flattering pair that ticks all my boxes. Rectangular or cat eye shapes seem to work better with my round-ish face. They've got to be wide enough to fit comfortably around my temple. Thicker and longer nose pads are a must for my flat-as-a-pancake nose bridge. I've learned through decades of wearing glasses that plastic frames are better for my clumsy self but they rarely come with thicker nose pads.


Vision Express (I'm a longtime customer. 7 years to be exact) invited me to the launch of their Exclusive collections featuring a varied selection of affordable frames, designed in France with price tags starting from £39. My personal favorites are glasses from Sensaya and Heritage range. Slightly retro with a modern take.


I was then whisked off to get my eyes tested. Surprisingly enough, my short sightedness have improved tremendously while my long sighted vision has deteriorated a tad. The optometrist detected a slight yellowing on one of my lenses which may eventually lead to cataract. That was rather alarming considering my age.  I was advised to keep my sunglasses on as much as possible, especially on sunny days.


These glasses featuring a little faux pearl on either side are a reminiscent of my Chanels which cost twice as much. The metal hinges and plastic temples were solid. The bridge sat firmly without slipping off, much to my delight.


The optician fitted my Sensaya frames with varifocal lens. My first! What a revelation!  I no longer needed to take off my glasses each time I have to read teeny tiny fine print or do any work on my smartphone.

The rest of Vision Express' Exclusive collection is available here.

Photography (1st and 2nd photo): Tun Shin Chang.

*My glasses and lens were given to me. I'm also a longtime customer who have purchased numerous glasses and sunglasses from my local Vision Express.


  1. These glasses are chic. You look very elegant and sophisticated. X

  2. I like those glasses on you. I've been wearing glasses for over 20 years and they've become my favourite accessory. Unfortunately they're a bit too expensive to buy several options to switch it up every once in a while but right now I'm looking for a pair of sunglasses. Oh, and I feel you on the nose pads haha.

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