Breakfast, manicure and massage with Yawn London

Tuesday, 17 November 2015
pimlico-2 pimlico-5

I received an invitation to a leisurely breakfast in Pimlico, courtesy of Yawn London. It's hard to turn down food, a neck massage and manicure along with some decent company. Talking to kids all day can make your brain go a little wonky and I don't mean in a good way.

I'm always paranoid of being late as getting around London can be a logistical nightmare. More so if you're missing the inbuilt satnav DNA in your body like me. Surprisingly, I arrived with plenty of time to spare so I decided to wander around the pretty streets of Pimlico. The council workers were in the process of installing Christmas lights and attaching mini Christmas trees to street lamps. There were so many pretty terraced houses to ogle. I thought I'd take a peek at a nearby realtor's office to check out the listings in the area. Bad idea. Where's that weak-kneed/light-headed emoji when you need one?

no.11-2 Christina

The breakfast was held at No.11, a spacious and airy cafe with plenty of armchairs and sofas which looked so inviting that one may have trouble extricating themselves after a coffee or two. The neutral decor with splashes of pastels gave off a sense of serenity making it a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle outside.

It was such a pleasant surprise to bump into Christina (check out her fabulous Instagram account) who always left such sweet comments on my IG feed. Her sunny and positive disposition certainly put a smile on my face despite having little sleep the night before.

Yawn-3 yawn-6 yawn-5

Alice Whiteley, co-founder of Yawn along with her team, Charlotte and Tamara were so welcoming that they'd instantly put their guests at ease. Three years ago, Alice was a successful business management consultant as well as a mom of 3 who led an incredibly hectic life. She'd stumbled upon the idea of producing her own line of quirky but comfortable sleepwear by accident while out shopping for pajamas.

Finding none that ticked all the boxes, she'd set about putting wheels in motion. She flew to India to source fabrics and worked with a team to design the print while simultaneously holding down a full time job and juggling mommy duties. Let's pause here for a second as I feel rather exhausted just thinking how she managed it all.

yawn-4 yawn-PJs3 yawn-PJs Yawn-PJs4 Yawn-2

All their prints are hand drawn and custom made just for them. The cashmere blend socks are absolutely divine and kept my feet toasty warm during cold autumn days. Believe it or not, I've only ever worn old raggedy sweats and t-shirts so it's been bliss having a set of proper pyjamas to slip into at night. The brand's all about relaxation which is something we tend to forget to do in our ever fast paced lives where we try to cram more into 24 hours than ever before.

Yawn pyjamas are now stocked online as well as in various independent boutiques throughout the U.K and Europe. 


  1. A picture of you in your new 'Yawn" pyjamas?

    1. haha! I'll try to accommodate the request. Keep your eyes peeled for that :P

  2. Go on Marlene! A pic of you in your jim jams would be lovely :)

  3. +1 on the old t-shirts! I do like these pyjamas, especially the pair in the last photo.


    1. Apparently, there's a whale somewhere in the print. I actually found it! Love these quirky details.

  4. Sounds lovely! Glad that you introduced me to the brand too :)

  5. Amazing post! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?..

  6. Sounds heavenly!!! S in NY (for a few days)



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