The Edgier Alternative to Black Denim

Monday, 5 October 2015
R13-1 R13-3 R13-2
Outfit: Isabel Marant Étoile linen t-shirt, R13 crossover waxed jeans, Birkenstocks, Hermes Cape Cod watch, The Kooples jersey hoodie, Miu Miu sunglasses and Topshop ankle boots.

The quest to find a pair of black denim began when my trusty ol' skinnies became so threadbare, a hole appeared along the rear. I suppose walking around with patched jeans particularly just below my butt cheek can be considered a fashion statement.......but I probably get a few raised eyebrows in a conservative town like Winchester.

I LOVED the idea of leather leggings. I even bought a pair which incidentally still hang in my closet, looking as new as the day I bought them. Even though leather pants looked AMAZING on my friends, my stumpy legs looked like a pair of glossy haggis. Like ewwww. Seriously.

I wanted to try something different.  Something a little edgier and doesn't adhere to my not-so-skinny legs like cling wrap. Enter these R13 cross-over jeans. I asked the ever stylish Theresa for advice as she owns a pair. They're waxed but not overly shiny. They're loose in all the right places but fitted where it counts. Most importantly, the cross-over jeans are crazy comfortable. I don't feel like my innards are being squeezed.

I usually take a size 26 but more often than not, I aim for a 27 cos I LOOOOOOVE to eat. In the end, I decided to size down to a 25 which I'm relieved because they run big. Weird considering they're made in Italy and you know how teeny tiny their clothes are. I could've easily gone down to a 24 if I wanted a skinny fit but nope.....a girl's gotta eat.

Do excuse the disheveled look and the unintentional bra exposure! That's me on a good day with the t-shirt kinda hanging out and unbrushed hair. This was taken by Lil L right after a 4 hour photography workshop (thank you to all those who came all the way to Winchester to attend the workshop) and then grabbing Amanda off to an impromptu photo shoot followed by a mad dash home to dump my gear and sprinting off to pick up Lil L from school. At least I remembered to reapply my lippy. Whew!


  1. Like these a lot, edgy and comfy so tick all my boxes.
    Is there anywhere in London I can try them do you know? Mail order and returns are a pain unless one knows the size and I'm reluctant to size down too much .
    I'm so not a high heels and my new Marant boots are flat slim pointy Chelsea boots , do you think they would work?
    Somehow I see these as needing a heel ….

    1. I googled and googled to find a store in London that stock these R13 crossover jeans. They're so different and unique but those that do carry R13 clothes tend to stick to safer options. Luisaviaroma stocks them now but not in jet black. I suggest you order from them just to try them out. At least you won't be charged duty and returns are free anyway. The fabric does give a little when worn so definitely go down a size (or two!). Since I'm so short, I've had the pants shortened and tapered.

      Pointy Chelsea boots are quite slimming anyway so I think they'll work with these jeans. I tried them on with nude strappy flats.....nope.Or ankle boots with 1-2 inch heel work too.

  2. Marlene, I absolutely LOVE the jeans on you! And both of the outfits that you're wearing are so slick and show their versatility; they really look so cool with everything. So happy to hear that they worked out for you. Yay! You're rocking them and looking so freaking good. :)

    Thank you for the mention and the super sweet compliment. :))


    1. You're most welcome, T. I love them on you! I'm so pleased to finally get them. I wish they're stocked here in the UK.

  3. I'm really obsessed with those crossover jeans since I saw them on you Marlene! Great pics - Lil L does a great job! I cant wait to get the pics you took for me on the blog - they're so good. Thanks for a brilliant workshop - so inspiring. And look forward to our catch up in November - email coming your way soon to talk details! Amanda xx

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and shout out, Amanda! Looking forward to seeing you.

  4. This is a fabulous look, Marlene! And I didn't notice any of the dishevelled stuff, you just look fashionably undone :-) xx

    1. You're so sweet, Becky. I've tried aiming for the polished look but nah......somehow something always comes undone :P

  5. OMG these look amazing on you. I"ve seen them on Insta but honestly you have totally converted me. Just sublime. Did you have them shortened by much? I am desperate for more jeans to go with my Toga Pullas that aren't super skinny on the top (gravity and age are bitches) and I am not as svelte there as I used to be. Anything that's slightly more forgiving would be fab!

    1. Thanks, Kat!'re more svelte than me and waaaaaay taller. I had about 5 inches taken off. Truthfully, it would've been better if I had 6 inches. They're not overly long but you could wear them a little loose, hanging slightly on your hips to give it more length. These crossover denims are seriously forgiving but tight in places that count.

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