Food, fashion and the café scene in Nice, Cote d'Azur

Thursday 13 August 2015
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Outfit: Isabel Marant Étoile broderie anglaise top, Isabel Marant Étoile skirt, panama hat, Miu Miu sunglasses, Hermes Cape Cod watch, Birkenstock Arizona sandals and Louis Vuitton Speedy 35.

It took me a long time to string intelligible words together to properly thank you all after reading the comments from the previous post. I've only just managed to reply to each and every one of them today. I can't thank you enough for the heartwarming comments which have been a source of strength for me lately. To those who are going through a difficult journey, perhaps one that's even more arduous, I hope there's light at the end of the tunnel for you. I've said this previously.....I wish magazines would stop nominating celebrities for their Women of the Year drivel and highlight true heroes who may lead seemingly ordinary lives but have made enormous sacrifices and achieved extraordinary feats.

We've been on the road and coming back to our rented accommodation in near comatose state everyday. The heat was intense but bearable, thanks to the gentle breeze and constant supply of gelati and iced beverages. By the time the temperature tipped 33˚C, I was ready to dunk myself in a bucket of ice. When day three rolled around, I was starting to wonder if I should even bother with applying make up since the sweltering heat would've melted my BB cream and mascara by early afternoon (as you could probably tell from the two photos above).

It's been 7 years since we've moved to the U.K but I'm still fascinated by how most Europeans actually go for summer vacations abroad regularly which is a rather foreign idea in New Zealand. Given that the average worker in the U.K gets at least 4 weeks worth of vacation days, cheap flights, strong currency and proximity to neighboring countries, I can see why many plan short getaways. I'm not going to complain but I can't help but think what a privilege this is.

Nice-street Nice-cafe

I was sorely tempted to plant my tush on one of these chairs, sipping an iced drink, people watch and just chillin' while the fan blew water mist every few minutes just to get away from the heat and crowd.

We booked an apartment via AirBnB but I've learned a thing or two after my first trip. Air conditioning is a MUST in summer but make sure there are a few feedbacks placed during the hotter months or else you'll turn up only to find out that you're given a tiny air cooler (happened to someone I know) that does bugger all. The A/C was such a godsend after trudging home from a long walk in the hot sun. I've noticed apartments in Italy and France are sometimes windowless but you wouldn't know until you step through the front door. These days, I'm anal about seeing windows in the photos before I go ahead and book. I prefer ones that are airy and bathed in sunshine all day.

I made sure the apartment was smack in the middle of the Old Town (Vieille Ville) which meant getting around took minutes. It was worth paying a little more. But be sure it's on a quiet street because you don't want to hear the pounding bass from speakers, drunken fights or garbage trucks banging about in the wee hours of the morning.

While I don't mind plodding up 2 or 3 flights of stairs everyday, I DO mind when I need to lug suitcases to the 3rd floor. Another reason why I constantly re-iterate to family members who hardly ever listen to me (I need to insert the banging-my-head-on-the-brick-wall emoji here) that roads, pathways, stairs and lifts in Europe are narrow so do not drag out your largest trolley suitcase just because you "need" to use up all of your 20kg weight allowance. Most century old towns have pedestrian only lanes which means you'll end up cussing and dragging your suitcases to the main street to catch a cab or airport shuttle.


Young kids are such simple and uncomplicated creatures. They don't give a hoot about Chagall, Matisse or Picasso museums nor their genius artwork. They just want to dance around and have their back and butt sprayed by 128 water jets that shoot out suddenly from the concrete floor at Promenade du Pallion. While you gawp at Matisse's portrait of his wife, the kids are thunderstruck by the sight of the wooden climbing apparatus in the shape of a whale vertebra.


When in Nice, adjust your diet accordingly. Rule number one: Eat a gelato or perhaps 2 a day. If you can't figure out which flavor to pick, then up your intake to 3 a day since Fenocchio boasts 96 flavors in all.  If you're worried about possible weight gain, walk around the block a couple of times, sweat it all out (easily done!) and head then back to the closest ice cream parlor. Repeat this exercise throughout the day.

Nice-LACpatisserie6 Nice-LACpatisserie4 Nice-LACpatisserie2 Nice-LACpatisserie

Rule number two: A patisserie a day keeps you happy all day. The best one in town? LAC Patisserie. The staff can be unsmiling and curt at times but who cares? You're there to gorge on the best tarte tat in man or woman has ever created - crumbly, buttery with the right amount of crunch, filled with slices of apples cooked to perfection hidden under the pastry dome and then gently glazed with caramel.

Nice-AuPoseidon1 Nice-AuPoseidon2 Nice-AuPoseidon3 Nice-AuPoseidon5 Nice-AuPoseidon6 Nice-AuPoseidon7

Rule number three: Inhale creatures from the sea. Worry about your cholesterol when you're home. This hole-in-the wall minuscule restaurant, Au Poseidon is located in the Old Town. They have a total of 4 tables on the narrow street of Rue de la Prefecture but serve the freshest seafood in Nice. As for the service? Truly exceptional!

Nice-PlanetSushi1 Nice-PlanetSushi2

Rule number 4: Unclog your gut and arteries from gluten and cholesterol overload (check rules 1, 2 and 3) by going clean and healthy. The Planet Sushi's concoctions were a little different to what I'm used to but equally tasty. I ended up eating there twice. The clean and minimalist cuisine thoroughly refreshed my palate after my gluten gorgefest.


  1. Ohhh I am glad you enjoyed (still enjoying) your holydays and nice to know you're in Nice (I've never been).
    Yes the heat is very difficult to bear, especially in the city where the streets are narrow and building close one to another.
    Here where I live I am lucky to be right in front of a small business airport which lots of free building area and therfore more wind. I can actually feel the difference whenever I arrive in "town". And it is worse in Paris.
    once again your pictures are perfect and made me salivating: you are right, what are holydays for but enjoying oneself and the good life (and food).
    As for Airbnb, well so far I never had any real bad experience, and i will be using it twice later this month..
    thank you again for your post and enjoy your time with your family, best thing eve.

    1. I've noticed that if it's extremely cold in London, it's snowing in Paris and the reverse as well. Paris is always a few degrees hotter or colder than London. Glad you're taking a breather from work later this month. At least you'll avoid the crowds.

  2. Lovely. Thanks for the AirBnB tips. I haven't used it yet, but I will.


  3. I've been waiting for your vacation post after i saw your instagram photos. Great to know some info about your experience too regarding airbnb which i'm open to try next time. Just hesitant still, but a few more research and i'm hook to try. Looks like you are really not into hot weather. I can imagine how you look like in hot climate, maybe too rosy cheeks ha.:) Can't imagine when you have a trip here ( Philippines ) most probably you'll melt in an instant.:)

    Love your outfit too very nice and can't wait to read your next post, Spain. Enjoy the rest of your vacay!


    1. Many thanks, Angie! I'll definitely melt in the tropics. I'm not very good with heat. My rosy cheeks are a dead giveaway that not one single person in Borneo (other than my friends and relatives) believe me when I tell them I practically grew up there.

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