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Friday 12 June 2015
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I've fallen into some kind of food/restaurant rut lately. I don't eat out all that much but when I do, it's the same places that I've been going for years. *yawn*  I have my favorites but becomes like a habit. I'll have a drink at the same local pub I've been going for years, chat with the manager who collects scary local ghost stories for me (I'm too scared to go to their toilet!), work on my laptop and then head off to do my mommy duties. Their chef has seen Roman soldiers marching past and disappearing into the air as she was down in their cellar. Yikes!

Anyways.......when it comes to eating out, I have tastebuds of a pauper. Street food and markets are my kinda thing especially in Asia. Lately, I've been on a lookout for casual eating places in Winchester where I can kick back, chill and catch up with friends and family.


I've walked past Greens hundreds of times over the years but for some reason, I've never checked it out until recently. I'm not sure what to call the place. It's a little like an upmarket and stylish pub/bar/bistro/cafe, all meshed together. There are many customers in their suits but just as many in trainers and sweats over the weekend. Lil L's massive plate of grilled panini with smoked salmon and goat's cheese was £4.50. What a bargain! I wouldn't have been able to finish it all on my own either.

Greens-burger Greens-roast2Greens-roast Greens-battenberg

The husband had a burger and the works. I can't comment on that as I'm not a fan of burgers of any kind. My Sunday roast came with a generous helping along with a bowl of vegetables lightly tossed in butter. All for £12.50 which was far cheaper than most places I'd frequented. The roast beef was tender and the potatoes had just enough crisp on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside.

Having seen the Battenberg challenge on The Great British Bake Off series on repeat a million times, Lil L was dying to try a slice even though we were stuffed to the brim and bursting at the seams (my cutoffs).  The butter sponge was moist with buttery goodness though a little too sweet for me.

The tables outside are incredibly difficult to nab even on a cold day. Thankfully, there was one right by the window. I prefer natural light since it's such a rare entity in England. Anything to get some extra vitamin Ds...... I have a feeling I'll be coming to Greens a lot more. It's a fabulous place to hang out with friends or a quiet meal on my own.

4 Jewry Street
Winchester SO23 8RZ

Outfit: J.Crew camo sweatshirt, 7FAM cutoffs, Miu Miu sunglasses, panama hat and Barbour bag.

This is how I roll these days on warm days. Nothing fancy, just comfortable gear since this is Hampshire after all.


  1. I cant imagine how the food tasted, but i bet it was as good as you said...

  2. Great ideas! Thank you for this informative and useful post. Well done:)

  3. I was there last year and I can say that it is one of my favourite plasce now. There are so delicious food, but cheap.

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