Back to basics and summer months

Monday 22 June 2015
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Outfit: Miu Miu sunglasses, J.Crew sweatshirt, 7 for All Mankind cutoffs, Hermes Cape Cod watch and Birkenstock Arizona sandals. Nail varnish: Chanel "Paradoxical"

I admit I went bonkers for lace up sandals and flats when they first came out. I'm still mad for them cos you know....they're so eye catching even if your ankles end up looking like they've been whipped multiple times or turned bloodless from strangulation. And then I got reeeeal lazy. The constant tying and untying took a toll on my fingers. Walking out the door meant an additional 5 minutes of lacing the right way so that they don't collapse in a heap around my ankles.

I decided I deserved a reprieve from all this hullabaloo and bought myself a pair of Birkenstocks instead. Funny how fashion goes round and round in circles. I used to backpack and trek through the rivers, mountains and into rural villages in similar Birkenstock sandals except they were brown. They were virtually indestructible and survived on many grand adventures with me.

Here's the lowdown of the Arizona sandals if you're planning on getting them. They're true to size and are wider than the Madras which has a narrower fit. Mine has a single band footbed but if you prefer more cushioning, go for the double. There's the platform version if you want to add a few more inches to your height. There are also two options for straps - textured leather (their fancy way of saying synthetic) and genuine leather. I chose the second which took a few wears to break in. I normally go for darker colors but this time, I decided to break free from my usual and go the white instead. If you happen to live in the U.K, I would suggest you get them here as they're less than half the price anywhere else. More options available down below.

square la place window-1
strawberries market-soaps stocks peonies
artist Rawberry-chocolatecake

It's officially summer now with yesterday being the longest day of the year. The sun's still up at 9pm which is brilliant until you realize that you can't convince your kids to GO TO BED.  I'm emphasizing the last 3 words because if you're a mom, you'll feel like a tape recorder but the volume is ever increasing until you hit the climax and all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, your kid pretends she's deaf and mute. Ah...the joys of motherhood.

The weather's been brilliant But hey ho, over here in England, you just learn to roll with it and put your coats on standby because you just never know when it'll pour. I've been going on endless walks which is an easy task here because there are tons to see and friends live close by. The High St has turned into a strip of market stalls practically all week. Despite the congestion, it's heartwarming to see how a historic town is still so vibrant and lively in the 21st century.

I was amazed to see climbing roses everywhere. I've played tourist on many occasions with a camera around my neck as I explored the neighborhood to spot the roses. What do you enjoy doing around your neighborhood?


  1. You said you weren't going there with the Birkies last year! Ha ha. But yes, they are so much easier to put on than all these fiddly lace up sandals and shoes. Pretty they are and pretty pain in the bum they are too!

    For the summer, I actually enjoy the boys cricket season. It's a nice sport and the mums get to sit around and have a natter in the sunshine (when it deigns to make an appearance. It all seems very civilised.

    1. Hah! Should've never said never. Serves me right!! I was getting way too lazy to tie the laces. So much work. You know what? I've never ever been to a cricket match before.

  2. I wish i could have been to all those place and enjoyed as much as you did. I would love to taste that cake...

    1. Winchester can be seen in a day. Would make a lovely day trip too!

  3. Ooo, love your shoes and so glad to see you're in it for the Birks! I've actually got the exact same white pair of Birkenstocks on right now! Love all your photos - they are all so pretty.


    1. That's right! I remember seeing yours. I was aiming for the black and thought.....nah, I'm always in black anyway.

      BTW, thank you for the lovely compliment!

  4. Yes to the "tourist" walks! Often the only way I can entice my husband to come on long walks with me is to suggest that he bring his camera :D
    I'll have to give those birks another chance...I tried some on a few years ago, and found that the supportive parts in the footbed were all in the wrong spots, if that makes any sense?! My sam edelman gigi flats that I've worn for years are not cutting it anymore, though.


    1. Alissa, LOL about your husband!

      The Arizonas are better for those with wide feet. You may have to try a few different types to find which one's better for you. I haven't worn my K.Jacques St Tropez Picon which is similar to your Gigi. I think my feet require more support these days. Probably the same as yours?

  5. Fantastic photos. Sheela Goh hooted about your accomplishments in her post and she wasn't kidding.

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