Having a blast with the cool Bose SoundLink Mini

Thursday 13 November 2014
Bose soundlink mini 2
Bose Soundlink Mini 3

I've been accused of being a gadget girl.  *grin* Guilty as charged. The husband knows that when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries etc's gadgets that I want. I do like my gadgets but I rarely upgrade unless they're on the verge of death and ready to be buried. In my defense, I don't do geek talk very well. Spending more than a decade working with geeks have drummed that out of my system because nothing puts me into a comatose state quicker than arguing about specs and wires. *yaaaawn*

My husband likes his music but he also thinks that BIGGER is better. A few years ago, he came home lugging a Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin. It's the size of 2.5 rugby balls and takes up a ridiculous amount of space. That thing doesn't even like Android smartphones. Too bad I can't even use it as a rugby ball. Now....if you live in a tiny flat like me, S-P-A-C-E is precious. And you all know that I hate clutter as much as I hate rude brats.

I've tried various speakers including teeny tiny ones that plug into my laptop but the sound quality is bloody awful. To think my singing caterwauling was enough to petrify most humans into fossils........

Here's the thing:
1. I want my speaker small and portable (I like moving it around just.....because) with a bluetooth function so that I can still use my phone (the docking thing just doesn't work for me). Don't you hate scrambling for the phone when it rings and the sound amplifies on the speaker???? Not cool.
2. I want to be able to control the speaker from my iPad, laptop or phone.
3. I like cool designs so yup....looks matter. It's like comparing George Clooney to Jack Black. Both are awesome actors but Clooney is waaaaay more slick and sophisticated. Agreed?
4. High definition sound that's just as good and powerful as a big buffoon speaker.
5. Affordable. I'm a consumer but I still like my dollar sitting in my bank or investments.

I've been using my new Bose SoundLink Mini for the past week now and it's a blast. Literally. I'm amazed my neighbors haven't complained....... There isn't any fiddly setting up to do. Turn on your laptop, phone or tablet (whichever bluetooth gadget you're using). Once the words - Bose Soundlink Mini pop up on the screen, just hit pair and then connect.'re off to a good start. Now crank up your favorite playlist at full volume.

It takes about 7 hours of playing to run its juice down. I can move my laptop approximately 6 meters (19 feet) away before the connection goes a little wonky. I've seen the latest Bose SoundLink Color which is a slightly cheaper model. It's a little too plasticky for my liking and not as small as I'd like it to be.  All in all, the Bose SoundLink Mini is one sexy but very useful gadget to have.

p.s. The speaker was sponsored by my that I'd leave his monstrous Zeppelin alone.


  1. I wish you'd done this review in August as I'd have bought one for my other half. I'm not sure if I can justify getting him another wireless speaker - mind you the one I got him only sounds half decent when it's placed in the bath (?) with no water - to make the most of the acoustics!

  2. Do you find the performance of your wireless internet decreasing when you have the speaker on? I have the soundlink as well and it seems to mess with my internet whenever I have bluetooth turned out.

    That said, the speaker is really worth every penny - crisp, clear sound and so very portable.

    1. How strange. So far, I haven't had any problems with my wi-fi. It goes a little crazy when I've got two or more bluetooth devices switched on at the same time but other than that, I haven't noticed a drop in internet performance.

  3. My mum has one of these and absolutely loves it. She loves it so much that most of her friends have been starting to buy the same ones too. It did break once and she had to send it to... Switzerland (?) or somewhere to get it fixed. Anyway I think the sound quality and base are amazing for just how little this is.
    Not really technology but two other cool gadgets are the mighty mug (my boyfriend just got one. It's so addictive!) and the Brugo. Also a mug. You should check both of those out!

    1. It's just such an amazing little gadget. Hard to believe I've paid double that amount for other speakers that are just sitting there collecting dust. I've just checked out the mighty mug. It's pretty incredible that it just can't tip over.

  4. We bought one last month too and totally LOVE it. The sound is amazing and it travels around our house:) It has the style factor for me and the cool factor for my 13 yrs old techno son. He has been on about getting one for over one year and was very smug that I was so impressed with it!

    1. I'm sure the new SoundLink Color has awesome sound as well but design wise, nothing beats this SoundLink Mini. Not even ones from other brands in the similar price bracket.



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