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Wednesday 8 October 2014

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Last week, the temperature dipped overnight with mostly showers interspersed with sporadic sunshine. There's no denying that autumn has finally arrived. Geeeeez, I sound like the weather forecast dude on T.V. Anyways.....I'm definitely feeling the cold and surrounded by germs galore as everyone around me are coughing and sniffling away.

As I'm dragging out my sweaters, I noticed that I'm well stocked with basic Uniqlo merino jumpers  which I've worn to death. In a bid to keep my closet from dying from boredom, I decided I should ramp up my style with more textured or patterned sweaters. I bought a couple of cable knits from Mango and ASOS a couple of years ago for less than £25 and believe it or not, they hold up far better than most of my designer ones. Mango has a range of stunning 100% cotton knits with prices ranging from £19.99 (unbelievably good value for money).


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J.Crew is hitting all the right fashion notes at the moment. I've got my eye on 4 of their sweaters (in the collage). In fact, a couple of them are on backorder (good for them but bugger!). I don't mind forking out £££ for a superb quality sweater but since my high street ones are holding up so well, I'm temporarily abandoning my usual French favorites.


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